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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

For some reason the Moscow authorities released Mogilevich and he reportedly lives in that city. I was not surprised that Russia would not extradite him to the US since Israel and the US have harbored Leonid Nevzlin (Yukos Oil, Bank Menatep) and UK was harboring now deceased Boris Beresovsky, both wanted in Russia on criminal charges and convictions in absentia. It is my understanding that Nevzlin is wanted on murder and fraud charges and Beresovsky was wanted on treason charges.

The UK currently refuses to extradite William F. Browder to Russia and face his conviction of 9 years in prison. Just digging one inch deeper on known associates of Browder in Russia discloses Jamison Firestone of Firestone Duncan and even a cursory read paints a totally different picture on what Browder, Firestone and certain Russians were engaged in and ran afoul with Vladimir Putin.

I was also involved in trying to acquire EBONE in Europe. That network was acquired by a front for Blackstone Group and Antel Holdings of Russia, part of Bank Menatep and tied back to Leonid Nevzlin that yet again ties back to Mogilevich, Bank of New York, money laundering and CLEARSTREAM.

The reason I have included this information about a person [Mogilevich] outside of the USA is because he is known to have links to Israel crime syndicates and has been involved in illegal arms trade put forth by Israelis, and trafficking of humans for prostitution, pedophilia, illegal drugs and a long list of immoral business sectors. Browder’s focus was apparently trying to wedge into energy deals through Rosneft, Gazprom and other Russian oil and gas companies on behalf of Western investors.

One does not have to research very much to find the horror stories of young girls being lured to Israel for a great job and wind up being forced on drugs and prostitution via sexual slavery. Some are even kidnapped in the nations they lived and put into sexual slavery… in Israel. A group of Israelis were deported in Romania for collecting human female eggs for Israelis, and on, and on and on. Most of the brothels in Central Europe are owned and controlled by a Jewish mafia group that also tied back to Mogilevich and others.

That Browder has ties to George Soros and his NGO ‘Open Society’ is a clear statement to me that he is an operative on much larger objectives.

There was also another hush-hush matter when Israelis were caught trying to smuggle arms to FARC, that South American group in Columbia that the USA has labeled as a terrorist organization. Parts of what you are about to read has been available in my book for 10 years, since it was released in early 2004.

That was also in my book and someone tipped them off to so they could flee back into the safety of Israel. Of course, Israel has ignored demands to extradite the three men to face trial.

For those that have not read my book this was the opening of Chapter 8:

Chapter 8 – Planting Weeds in America’s Rose Garden

If I were President of the United States, my foreign policy could be summed up in one sentence:

“I refuse to allow weeds to be planted just so we have to go weed the garden for the U.S. or U.S. allies that matter.”

This was on page 327:

“Or that there are three Guatemalan arrests warrants out for 3 Israelis for attempting to arm a known terrorist group named FARC in Columbia and establishing an Israeli -Al Qaeda link1. When I learned about that, I could only ask, why would an Israeli have anything to do with arming, or aiding or abetting terrorism? What is the nature of that?”

Footnote 370 linked to an article that sheds more light on such actions by Israelis.

One has to ask the question that if Israel is so damned concerned about terrorism why do they aid and abet it and then provide safe haven when their operatives are caught in the act. And, the question also has to be asked how investigations and intelligence are repeatedly compromised and targets of major investigations are tipped off so they can flee justice? That is especially true when the targets of the investigations are US or EU Jews or Israelis or other criminal elements directly in bed with Israel.

There was plenty of mumbling in Washington DC that FARC was part of Al Qaeda.

What was really going on was CIA and US military had inserted into neighboring Columbia, arming and training these guerillas to stir up trouble in VENEZUELA.

This intercepted shipment was over 1,500 automatic weapons and 5 million rounds of ammunition.

The USA put 300 US troops in Columbia to train them, apparently to try to take over the Columbia cocaine trafficking and to topple Chavez so they could have a clear shot at controlling what might be the largest single oil reserve in the world, the estimated 5 trillion barrels of the Orinoco Basin.

Since it is hard to stay covert, the CIA often lets their ‘mirrors’ in Israel be the mules for illegal arms.

The NSA has held multiple classified meetings with other agencies and departments of the US government about the national security risks that Amdocs and Comverse Infosys pose to the USA and no action taken to put an end to it. The US intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been blocked by the White House or other higher levels of the US government. That often occurs after ADL, AIPAC and other Jewish lobby groups pressured to get the investigations dropped. It may have been more than pressure; it may have been outright blackmail and extortion. You will better understand that as you read on.

The NSA has even gone so far as issue a TS/SCI [Top Secret ­ Sensitive Compartmentalized Information] report in 1999 about the security risks that using outside software from these companies poses to the USA. The NSA has detected that information was falling into the wrong hands, i.e., Israel. [Considering the 2009 Memorandum of Understanding between the USA and Israel in which the NSA gives all raw intelligence information directly to Israel, a party that is not in any way beholden to US laws or privacy of American citizens, the NSA -since at least 2009- knows exactly what information is going to Israel. This information collected includes all communications of members of all branches of the US government, including military. All of it. Glen Greenwald in his Guardian article on this reported: “The agreement places no legally binding limits on the use of the data by the Israelis.” – ed]

The administrations of Clinton, Bush and Obama have been aware of this problem and have done nothing to fix it. Even when there are legitimate law enforcement and national security matters at stake that are of US concern and not Israel, the problem remains.

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