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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

Global Crossing was also about high speed trading networks to perpetrate financial fraud, and carrying point-to-point spying operations and secure government communications. I was the high bidder to take over Global Crossing in the US Bankruptcy Court in SDNY and know intimate details about who, what and why that network was so desired that even perpetration of stock fraud by its Zionist Jew proponents was done to get it built. That same network as a parallel path is how our government and certain ‘ally’ parties launder dark money, spy and secure their normal government communications.

This article is on why a purported ally named Israel spies so aggressively on the USA.

The other company Comverse Infosys develops software that is used for wire taps and electronic eavesdropping. Someone in the US government discovered that whatever the US government was investigating and had wire taps, the Israelis had put a back door in the software so they could listen or get copies of what was recorded, too. Of course, that also includes the ability of Israel to record it even if no one else is doing so.

There have been multiple US investigations compromised because the targets of the investigation were tipped off and not just in the USA. I am very aware from Hungarian intelligence sources that as the FBI was making a move to apprehend a Top 10 Most Wanted named Semion Mogilevich in Budapest he was forewarned and fled right ahead of the posse that was after him. That was in 2005. He is a notorious Ukrainian Jew mobster that travels primarily on an Israeli passport.

He was arrested in Moscow according to news reports in January 2008.

“The Ukrainian-born Mogilevich, who has changed his name to Sergei Schneider, was detained late Wednesday together with Arbat Prestige owner Vladimir Nekrasov in central Moscow, Mogilevich’s lawyer, Alexander Pogonchenkov, said Friday.

The Ostankinsky District Court placed the two men under arrest on suspicion of large-scale tax fraud late Thursday, Moscow City Court spokeswoman Marina Malygina said.

Mogilevich is wanted by the FBI in connection with a 2003 indictment in Philadelphia in which he and two associates were accused of manipulating stock of the Pennsylvania-based company YBM Magnex.”

It is not hard to find information on Clearstream and Semion Mogilevich, or that he is wanted in the USA for multiple criminal charges.

The Russian authorities arrested Mogilevich due to a tax fraud scam. Years later I found out in 2014 that a former US citizen William F. Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital Management was banned from Russia for the same basic reasons. He then turns from bullish on Putin and Russia into bashing them. During the investigation and litigation surrounding this second tax fraud scam involving Browder, his attorney Sergei Magintsky died in a Russian prison.

Browder has been directly tied to the Michael Milken Foundation, George Soros, and now elevated up to the World Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland crowd. Browder is now a UK citizen after renouncing his US citizenship in 1998. Odd enough for any resume, he is the grandson of Earl Browder, former head of the Communist Party USA. I cannot say if he is a practicing Jew, but he is Jewish by how they define that through lineage of the mother, grandmother, etc.

Then Browder pushed for a new US law, the Magintsky Act, which was passed by the US Congress in December 2013. There are efforts now to enact an EU version of that same law. What the law does is punish Russian citizens on their ability to travel, own assets outside of Russia, send their children to EU or US schools, etc. if they are deemed to be human rights abusers. It is sort of a permanent sanction on any person in Russia that gets ‘labeled’ by the West.

I immediately saw that as yet another US/Zionist Jew strategy in their lunatic Grand Chessboard schemes to push back Russia while the USA tries to rule the world. The US, EU and especially these Zionist Jews love to label people to discredit them. When that does not work they try to compromise with criminal bait and then expose the dossier later when needed.

It is laughable (almost) that the US and EU have sanctioned the President of Rosneft yet at the same time major US energy companies like EXXON are trying to get multi-billion dollar deals done with Russia and Rosneft, largest oil producer in the world. There is duplicity in almost everything the USA and Israel do and it has a strong stench of mendacity.

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