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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

If you could not understand how Global Crossing, Clearstream and Unocal (then Venezuela owned) are connected, consider this fact. What has every appearance of being a successor or heir to the person in Venezuela that sold the Luxembourg S.A. entity to Deutsche Boerse to create Clearstream, was implicated in the attempted CIA coup d’etat in Venezuela led by Carlos Ortega (Carlos Alfonso Ortega Carvajal). Not to be confused with the Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua and Iran Contra.

This other Ortega was sent to prison in Venezuela and most people with 3 functioning brain cells knows exactly why the USA wants control of the huge oil supplies of the Orinoco Basin of Venezuela.

See “Trial of Egligio Cedeño”

There was desperation in the US that Russia’s Rosneft and LUKOil were taking big positions in that massive Orinoco Basin oil reserve, and they did in fact do just that. Here we are in 2014 and yet again the US threat of sanctions against Venezuela because LUKOil is selling their interest in the Orinoco Basin and Rosneft appears to be the only company that has a chance to get control of it. That is mostly due to the nonsense we are all witnessing in Ukraine right now and the sanctions the US pushed for and EU signed with their thumb up. Again, the non-at-all brilliant strategy blows up in the face of the morons in Washington DC.

As part of Hugo Chavez defending himself from this Oil on the Brain cabal he allowed the Russian Navy to use Venezuela as ports of call.

Unlike many US oil companies that have been behind the resource war approach to oil and gas, Conoco for many years owned a significant stake in Russia based LUKOil. In 2012 they sold their interest back to LUKOil as part of a larger restructuring. (I have seen reports in the past that the Conoco stake was at 35% at one time.)

My grandfather gave me many sayings as advice to live by. One went ‘you will be a wise man when you know the difference between someone is pissing on your feet or it is merely raining’. DC specializes in pissing on the feet of others and telling them to stay calm, it is merely raining.

Much of the slush fund money used for such covert actions are routed through Clearstream and Global Crossing was the network that was conceived, designed and installed to be the interconnection of 227 financial centers under the dominant control of DC, Wall Street, London and a few insider players. Many of those players are either Fascist Zionist Neocons or Fascist Zionist Jew Neocons.

Plausible deniability is easier when the ‘financial weapons’ and slush funds are outside of the USA but is a USA and Zionist agenda and run operation from the outset.

This is all tied to a complete political, financial, criminal, military push towards global fascism and subjugating anyone that gets in the way. What you are seeing right now with troops and missiles in Poland, a new US military base in Romania and the chaos and bloodshed in Ukraine is all part of an agenda. These are all part of the ‘hate Russia’ routine and is counter-productive to peace and prosperity.

Is China and Russia waging war on the USD? No, they are not. The US government fiscal policies are why the value of the dollar has plummeted and no longer represent an attractive reserve currency. The ECB has now put the return at less than 0% to devalue the Euro because US fiscal policies have created an artificially strong Euro. That is hurting the entire EU economy, which is about $2 trillion per year bigger than the USA economy. The Swiss franc is at this time 0.89835 to $1 and has been as strong as .87 this year. Just since 2000, the USD has declined 50% in value to the Swiss franc.

What Washington DC and the Federal Reserve are doing is not sustainable, and only the people in the USA capital seem to think their Rose Colored Glasses are the truth but is not so.

There are some delusional people in Washington DC that think the USA is the only Superpower, thus can do whatever it wants anywhere. Every day proves them wrong, but some have to learn their lessons the hard way.

The name Clearstream does not surface much in the news but when it does it is usually directly tied to some US agenda they are pushing, such as this one regarding Iran.

It is alleged that Iran was behind the Beirut bombing of the US Marine barracks; that is not a proven fact. However, there are about as many informed intelligence and military sources that have come forward to indicate that Israel and Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel was the one behind it to get the USA to put the big foot down on Lebanon. Similar events happened when Israel attacked the USS Liberty navy ship to get the USA to take their side rather than Egypt.

As you read on you will see that it is not just my word against Israel and their Fascist Zionist Neocon operatives. Multiple US agencies have tried to deal with the problem that is killing America and have been brushed aside on their attempts. Read on and you will have a better understanding of what those problems are. This is somewhat like when a group of attacking piranhas; once it starts it continues until there is nothing left but the bones. The moral of that story is to get rid of the piranhas.

The Part 1 and Part 2 of this series established who was behind the fraud of Global Crossing and how that network was installed as part of a larger scheme of total domination, financial fraud, spying and provided Israel with a colossal amount of bandwidth and fiber optics access to a global market. There are of course other networks but this one is particularly egregious and fraught with premeditated fraud.

The Part 3 is focusing on how and why Global Crossing is the interconnecting highway between all key financial centers and a long line of trading networks that are used for good and normal purposes and for illegal purposes.

When I first started investigating whether or not to join the Global Crossing feeding frenzy and invest in the company’s stock or bonds two things surfaced as to what I look for as ‘flashing red warning lights’.

First, with just two leased fiber optic lines from the US to London Wall Street was valuing the company at $20 billion and that was preposterous. We had far more leased and owned connections and far more customers and revenues, but could not even pretend to be valued that high. It was propaganda fluff to lure in suckers, not substance regarding Global Crossing as a solid investment with assets.

Secondly, in researching who was behind Global Crossing I found no less than 27 former Michael Milken co-defendants and decided to not put my hard earned money into another Zionist Jew scam that was somewhat akin to ‘chumming for sucker investors’ so the sharks could devour those blinded by the rush to make money. That played out exactly as planned and the suckers lost over $56 billion when Global Crossing filed what was then the 4th largest Chapter 11 in US history and the shareholders got $0.

Many of these felons were not barred from securities by revocation of their licenses and most of them never paid their fines to the SEC that was ordered by the US District Court and the US Court of Appeals. Milken was sent to prison and the rest of them acted like they beat the rap.

Most Christians do not know that Talmudic law teaches that Jews do not have to obey other laws (if they so choose), only how the Zionist Jews do things even when illegal, immoral or unethical. That is where most of this scofflaw law attitude originates in the way they act as if Talmudic Law is the only law they have to obey.

This same Talmudic Law that some Zionists adhere to is also very specific that stealing from non-Jews is OK, perfectly permissible, not considered a sin. It is of course not all Jews, just a core group of them that think they are better than anyone else and above the laws of any nation. [Mr. Schwarz is not correct on this point. It IS all Jews- ed]

You will not find that message in the Bible or Koran, but it is in the Talmud for anyone that reads it and sees some of the truly psychotic ways some Zionist Jews interpret it. I have read it and have many Christian Jew friends that walked out on Zionism and are now devout Christians. [1. No one can be a “Christian Jew” as the two are antithetical; 2. Zionism is not a religion; 3. There are many “maranos’ Jews who pretend to convert to Christianity; 4. the majority of zionists in the world are Protestant Christian. -ed]

In Part 2 of this three part series, it was clearly shown that there have been multiple penetrations of the Pentagon and even the White House by China and Russia. Never reported thanks to the Zionist Jew dominated media in the USA is the constant spying Israel does at all levels of the US government. That includes outright interference in criminal investigations as you will read in what follows.

If you missed the Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 articles please read them in order.

It has recently been disclosed that Israel was spying on Bill Clinton’s phone calls. That is one specific instance that will be explained in the near future because that was much more than just what Clinton was discussing with the now deceased former leader Hafez al-Assad of Syria.

This piece is on the much wider topic of why Israel spies on the USA at all. Why would a nation that goes to such great lengths to pretend to be friend and ally spy on the United States of America?

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