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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

They just had a major train wreck in the EU elections so expect to hear a lot of shrill from the Jewish part of the Fascist Zionist Neocon agenda. They just had a major train wreck in Syria, too, with Assad being re-elected in a landslide and their Zionist Jew Puppet in Kiev proving he is OK with human rights abuse, war crimes and genocide of people that voted they do not want to be part of Ukraine.

Over time this current fiasco in Ukraine will be revealed as yet another US/Israel/EU agenda to provoke Russia, point the finger of blame, and try to get their Grand Chessboard defeat turned into a victory.

People are voting with their feet against the US, EU and Zionist Israel agenda.

In closing, it is these Fascist Zionist Neocons and their co-conspirators Zionist Jew Fascist Neocons that are pushing this insane global game plan. They are dangling the concept of freedom, liberty and democracy but hidden behind that agenda is fascist totalitarianism.

Edward Snowden has exposed to the world the extent of this sinister agenda and made a personal choice that is has to stop or what appears to be freedom and liberty within democratic self-rule will be crushed by a fascist totalitarian state.

If you do not understand what is at stake, I suggest you think about this article and read this one. It is the best journalistic work I have seen in a long time about what is really going on behind the scenes. This overwhelming intrusion into privacy and all of the carrot and stick approach to freedom, liberty and democracy is a veil for a fascist totalitarian global government.

This is their goal of New World Order they mumble about and want us all to think it is democracy, freedom and liberty. The real arrogance of these Israelis is they act like Washington DC is merely an Israel Embassy under Tel Aviv.

Israel knows they have two major problems with America, the Far Right Christians waking up and the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. They are also afraid of the rule of law if and when it is properly and appropriately aimed at them and their gross misconduct towards Americans and peoples of other nations.

Maybe some of the information I have provided in Parts 1 through 4 will give US intelligence and law enforcement a better ideas of where to look. If you paid attention you will know exactly what I am referring to.

There are some serious facts in this article that the USA has either accidentally or intentionally overlooked. The incessant spying by Israel is also to evade, manipulate and control and it stops when America stops it.

There are many Americans that have known from Day One that 9-11-2001 is a criminal matter and waging a war against terrorism was an agenda, not a winnable approach.


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[9]; Group MENATEP Invests US $25 Million with Blackstone Capital Partners IV; Further Expanding its Global Investment Portfolio

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