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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

The Jewish lobby was just laying and waiting to expose Foley as a fraud with his anti-gay stance and his known proclivities to pursue sex with young (under legal age) males. (He is a Zionist Neocon until he crossed the legislation that Israel, ADL, ACLU and AIPAC wanted as pro-gay laws. Foley sponsored very tough anti-gay legislation and suddenly the whole world sees him stripped naked and bared as the sexual predator fraud he was as an RNC member of the US House.)

I know from my sources that the Jewish lobbies were running all over Capitol Hill pointing the finger at Foley and their ‘evidence’ they were glad to show anyone to get the anti-gay legislation kicked out.

You see, once a person has been compromised they can no longer stand up for principles that run against Israeli/Zionist Jew demands. Americans would ‘wig out’ if they knew how many of the talking heads they see on TV (MSM and government) that are completely compromised miscreants and sick perverts.

The Jewish lobby then took another pound of flesh in demanding that RNC appoint the gay Ken Mehlman as the chairman of RNC for daring to back such anti-gay legislation. That was to stick George Bush’s nose in it that his fake Christianity and his Far Right Christian support do not run DC, Israel thinks they do. Until Americans kick them out of the political and policy process they do run DC.

They have a well-entrenched blackmail and extortion racket parked in the heart of Washington DC.

When I was very involved in taking the House and Senate from Clinton in 1994, similar efforts were made to bait me into making moves that could lead to me being blackmailed. I turned down a free weekend trip offer to play golf and hunt children with paint ball guns. Bag the one I want, do whatever I wished sexually to them. The anonymous caller said I could choose whether the hunted children were to be clothed or nude, male or female. Yes, they do such sick and perverse things in DC. I informed this scumbag that any further calls would be recorded and traced by law enforcement. The caller ID said ‘unknown caller’ and was on a Saturday morning in my DC office.

That was an unlisted direct telephone number so they dig pretty deep to push their Zionist agenda.

Then they tried to bait me with male bisexuality, and would then entrap and threaten to expose to my wife and the world such an affair and to the anti-gay RNC. That was laughable but seems it has worked on some in DC. When that did not work they sent a breathtakingly beautiful blonde to see if I would take some ‘free and easy’. She knew I was happily married and told me she could not care less about that.

I turned all of that down but… I was not born yesterday. The van scene was a regular meat market so I had that van followed. The incriminating evidence was delivered to a building and from there to the Israeli Embassy. I also had the blonde followed and she was also meeting with people that were known political enemies of mine, known AIPAC operatives in DC.

That got to the point of almost comical in that the more I said ‘no’ the more blatant, brazen and desperate the offering was put before me up to and including nothing but pearl necklace, support hose and high heels in my DC office. Under the expensive fur coat she was wearing nothing but her birthday suit. It was a very nice viewing of what she was offering but not interested.

She was shown the door and I knew who was throwing the meat out in front of me so refused to even consider it. She was beautiful, but to me my wife was more beautiful and my principles are not for sale.

Is Israel the friend and ally of the United States of America? Not even close, they spy to steal, they spy to extort and blackmail our government and people close to our government. They spy to disrupt the US political process to their favor and to Hell with Americans. They spy so they know when criminal investigations are in progress against their key Zionist Jew Neocon clique members. There have been multiple instances of their lobby getting advanced weapons from the US and they turn around and sold it to China or other nations.

They spy to get their way because the French diplomat Daniel Bernard was right; they are ‘that shitty little country’.

For all of the lecturing the USA does to Russia about cleaning their house up, the USA needs to clean its own house and put Israel in their place as being on the ‘not a friend of America’ list.

You can be 100% certain about this. With the Fascist Zionist Neocon failures in the US, Afghanistan, Caspian Basin, Iraq, Syria, Venezuela and many other nations, the tide is turning. With the recent EU elections where the current controlling parties in UK, France, and other nations took major losses, groups like ADL, AIPAC, ACLU, their EU clones CRIF and Licra will be in Industrial Spin Cycle and “Anti-Semitic” invectives hurled all over the place as they attempt to get their derailed Zionist Neocon vision back on the tracks.

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