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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

Other notable US Zionist Jews did the same routine of making sure plenty of stolen or otherwise expropriated money was directed to pet Israel projects, such as Maurice Greenberg of AIG fraud and his Orion Fund, Sanford Weill of Citigroup fraud, Gary Winnick of Global Crossing fraud and many others.

When Winnick was placed under Congressional investigation, almost every member on that committee had Global Crossing as a major campaign finance source. That was not hard to check campaign donations and who was sitting their pretending to investigate Winnick’s wrongdoing. They could not dig too deep and lose out on that Zionist Jew campaign finance money. Lest you forget or missed prior disclosures on this man, Winnick was also a former co-defendant with Michael Milken.

There is another facet of this that involves former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds. She is married to an American, and her parents are Turkish and Iranian. She is fluent in English, Turkish and Farsi, hence her job assignment at FBI in translating documents and communications intercepts in Turkish and Farsi.

Sibel Edmonds was reviewing some documents that had to do with ongoing drug investigations dating back to 1998 and the Clinton Administration. In those documents were evidentiary facts about ongoing drug trafficking, money laundering, foreign names and American names involved in the financing of 9-11-2001.

Some of the documents Sibel was assigned to translate were obtained through electronic eavesdropping using the exact same means written above. In short, Comverse Infosys and legal wiretapping on court order or CIA/NSA covert means.

I ask that you think about that for a moment. The means to finance and launch 9-11-2001 at New York and the Pentagon were detected, silenced by gag order, and may well have been obtained illegally by Israel every step of the way. That information was dating back to 1998, not just prior to September 11, 2001. It was drug and money laundering related, not Osama bin Laden related.

When that matter went to higher ups in the FBI and then to the White House, President Bush and his Zionist Neocon Fascist thugs put Sibel Edmonds under a gag order so she could not tell the world about what she found. I personally would like to know what those foreign names and American names are that she found in that trail of evidence. I think most Americans would love to see the names and faces of who was behind 9-11-2001 and see them punished for that premeditated crime.

What Sibel Edmonds found had nothing to do with counterterrorism other than out of a drug investigation was the trail of who financed 9-11-2001. We found similar trails involving securities fraud and international telecom fraud and how Global Crossing funds were being directed back into the USA to finance things that had nothing to do with any telecom company. We found the same in another telecom, too that put the screws to their shareholders at Williams Communications Group. Dig a little deeper and one finds Williams Brothers Energy in bed with Yukos and a refinery in Lithuania, specific destination for the Russian oil to Houston Texas.

I had dinner one night with Sibel and her husband. I did not hear even one word of information that any sane person would not take to heart. She found something and Bush shut her up by gag order on direction of the President of the United States by leaning on a US District Court under the pretense of ‘national security’.

I am not anti-Semitic and have many Jewish friends but they are absolutely not Zionists or pro-Zionist Israel. I am not a fan of the Zionists and even Judaism has at least 7 movements and groups trying to rid true religious pious Judaism of the effects of the power cult known as Zionism. That these trails keep pointing at Israel and their Zionist supporters in US, Europe and Israel due to their illegal and unethical conduct is their resume problem, not mine. [Mr. Schwarz perpetuates a fallacy that “good, religious Jews” are moral, and zionism is the problem. They are not, and its not. Those “good, religious” Jews believe, like their zionist fellow Jews, that Gentiles do not have living souls, are ‘inherently evil,’ animals in human form, and that our property is open for them to take. That is not something those “good” religious Jews share with Gentiles, and if you ask them directly they will lie to your face if you are a Gentile. -ed]

If you are not personally disgusted by what is written above, or what I am sharing with you below you fall into that category of American that this saying fits perfectly: “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.”

You will see in the Brit Hume video that Israel does not only spy on the US, they are the most aggressive nation about spying on America. I know why they do such things and it has to do with manipulative control of the US government. It is also part of their detecting when their black ops have been discovered and some agency in the USA, whether intelligence or law enforcement, is investigating Israelis and their Zionist Jew minions spread out into key positions.

My office was in Washington DC from August 1989 to June 1996. I was in and out of RNC headquarters on a regular basis until the RNC Finance team I was working with decided it was safer to meet quietly elsewhere. We did not waste time or money on every state (Senators) and every House district. We focused just on the ones where a political ‘regime change’ was possible. It was found that the RNC headquarters were bugged, the phones were tapped and it was not the NSA, CIA, DOJ or FBI that was listening. The spying was a foreign government and you can easily guess which one.

There were many attempts to penetrate what our strategic planning team was doing and how we planned to take the US House and Senate from Clinton.

There were recently defected DNC Zionist Communist Totalitarian Jews that were fed up that Clinton would not be the War President they desired and attack their Islamic enemies. Apparently they must have been afraid that RNC Conservatives would talk some sense into then RNC Chairman Haley Barbour after he cut a deal with the Devil to get the Jew money and votes behind RNC candidates.

They were also concerned that Clinton would cut a deal with Assad. That is why Israel was spying on the Assad ­ Clinton meetings. The actions of Israel speak loudly that they want no peace unless on their terms.

On May 31, 2014, a news report said that former RNC Chairman Haley Barbour has told the Republicans that they are going to have to compromise on the moral issues in the upcoming elections to win, especially the 2016 race for the White House.

Right Haley, play right into the hands of the Zionist Jews that are attempting to demoralize Americans into a complete and total fascist state with no morals, character, honor or integrity. Aid and abet the Zionist totalitarianism that pretends to be freedom, liberty and democracy.

When the 1994 pre-election polls were making it abundantly clear that Clinton was going to lose the House, maybe the Senate, I had one of the more interesting and memorable meetings the entire time that my office was in DC. Then Majority Leader of the US Senate Tom Daschle approached me at Sam & Harry’s Steakhouse and just wanted to have a drink and talk to the RNC strategic planner that figured out how to kick Clinton and the DNC black and blue.

At that time the word ‘Neocons’ was not being used and I was not aware of the impending dangers of letting the DNC Jews come over and pretend to be Conservative Neocons. It took them a while to mold the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) message into one of Fascist Zionist Neocons, and before they could make that move they had to get into positions of power to push the political discussion and the policies in that direction.

I turned down two RNC offers to run against Clinton for governor of Arkansas. I declined but in evaluating it I did figure out how to beat Bill Clinton resoundingly. In November 1994 elections Clinton lost both the House and Senate and I was part of the team that engineered that. It was all done legal [sic], and was not that hard to do. We hit hard with the truth in specific states and US House districts and Americans listened. We did not waste our time, money or efforts on those districts the RNC never wins.

In a way we planned a ‘Shock & Awe’ that was politically directed at every weak link the DNC had in every such House district in America. It was well planned and executed, and in November 1994 Clinton lost control of the US Senate and US House. I was in DC that night with RNC Finance to watch it all fall into place. There are only 156 people allowed into that room, and my wife and I were at the table of RNC Treasurer William J. McManus, two retired admirals and their wives, and a few others.

What was most interesting was that Daschle and I ended that conversation in total agreement as to what was really in the best interest of the United States of America. As Majority Leader of the Senate he had to be the DNC ideological attack dog, for the ‘4th rate theater’ Americans are so accustomed to. Off camera he was as genuinely concerned about the future of America as I have been ever since GHWB got into the Oval Office and commenced this total Fascist Zionist Neocon shakedown of America.

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