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Why Israel Spies On The USA (& allies): Global Crossing Is The Trojan Horse- Pt.4

Part 1 of this series introduced us to Global Crossing: what it is, who is involved and how it links to “Israel.” Part 2 explained how this fibre optic network is set up to micromanage the affairs of humankind and do so within a totalitarian system, as well as the criminal aspects of Global Crossing and their financial fraud. Part 3 explained how Global Crossing and Clearstream are interlinked into all electronic financial transactions, essentially the network over which these transactions must travel, the money laundering involved and how it is done. This instalment shows how it all ties together so “Israel” can spy on not just its patron, the United States, but the entire world and manipulate it all.

11 June, 2014 Rense
If you will take the time to read this and think, you might have a better understanding of why things are so screwed up in America. There are some serious facts in this article that are either unknown, intentionally withheld from public scrutiny or are being suppressed.

One of the lesser known Mark Twain quotes is this: “A person who refuses to read has no advantage over a person that cannot read.” This article is pretty much a chapter of a book that is coming. For some of the missing pieces of the puzzle it has taken years to find or have the facts surface.

It is important to keep chronology straight. BCCI was dismantled in 1991. George H W Bush started the push for the Global War on Terror in 1991 with Desert Storm to get rid of Saddam Hussein. That was after the Reagan Administration had armed Hussein with military hardware and chemical and biological weapons to use against Iran post-1979 revolution, and a war that lasted from 1980-1988 as the Iran-Iraq War. Bush was also going to launch an opportunistic war into the CIS region of Russia in 1989 that was named “Operation Steppe Shield” along the lines of what we are seeing in Ukraine today and Afghanistan and Iraq since 9-11-2001. NATO to the borders of Russia has been the agenda for a long time and domination of oil, natural gas and pipelines:

Bank of Credit & Commerce International

Former Type Private
Industry Banking
Fate Liquidation / Forced closure
Founded 1972
Founder(s) Agha Hasan Abedi
Defunct 1991
Headquarters London (incorporated in Luxembourg)
Employees approx. 30.000


You will see in my assessment of Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the USA a lot more about BCCI and related matters. Most Americans do not know what role Arkansas played in BCCI or Iran Contra.

Cedel International Investment S.A. was formed in 1971 and in 2000 was solely known as Clearstream, part of Deutsche Boerse, Frankfurt Germany but with domicile remaining in Luxembourg. One of the primary EU operations centers of Global Crossing is in Frankfurt, as are other financial operations and spying centers.

Type Subsidiary
Industry Finance
Founded January 2000
Headquarters Luxembourg (city), Luxembourg
Products Clearing House, Central Securities Depository
Members 2,500+
Parent Deutsche Börse

The Cedel stake in Clearstream was acquired in 2002 for 1.6 billion Euros by Deutsche Boerse, and thereafter the Cedel name and Clearstream were merged and Cedel became a defunct entity.

One of the successors of Cedel International S.A. Luxembourg is Venezuelan and was apparently implicated in an attempted 2004 coup d’ etat in Venezuela against the Hugo Chavez government. As of sometime around 2009 it now operates from the USA as Cedel International Investments LLC.

Mr. Cedano is now living in the Miami area with political asylum from the USA as of 2009.

At the very moment you are reading this article three banks in Italy have been served with a whistleblower notice that is also served directly to the Central Bank of Italy, the bank regulators and criminal investigators, and the Italian tax authorities. Collectively these three banks have used a scheme internally and through Clearstream to hide profits through accounting fraud and a fraudulent transaction structure to hide profits. This of course has had a negative impact on their shareholders, entitled them to government bailout money that may not have even been needed and through money laundering and accounting fraud has put the screws to Italy through evasion of state and federal taxes.

These are not small amounts when a 5% whistleblower fee totals over 42 billion Euros on cited fraud totaling 25.4 Billion Euros, 343.99 billion Euros, and 516 billion Euros just in the three banks. Under Italian law the banks had 30 days to remedy and have not done so, and collection actions are proceeding as well as civil and criminal investigations.

Some know that I was inside RNC, I was the high bidder to take over Global Crossing, and I have fought behind the scenes since 1980 to prevent the train wreck that is America today. I am the author of a bestseller book ‘One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas’ but it was not just an expose of Bush and his bogus Global War on Terror. It also exposed the DNC, Clinton and others that are in part to blame for the travesty you see today as the USA.

The system is broken and dysfunctional, and I know why. A person has to see it from the inside in DC to truly appreciate how screwed up things really are. Maybe after you read this 4 part series you will better understand how long-term agendas are born, promoted, and then things like spying, manipulation, money laundering, criminal conduct, murder, war, etc. are all connected in promoting a false democracy, a false freedom and a false liberty.

In Part 3 I addressed Global Crossing and its purpose for a global financial system and some that manipulate it, hide illegal funds, evade taxes, etc., etc. and etc. You will understand this as you read on as certain names keep coming up and now appear to be tied back to US agendas and Clearstream. Even the former president of France, Nickolas Sarkozy was caught funneling kickbacks to himself through secret Clearstream accounts.

After the BCCI entity had to be taken over and closed down, I truly think that Clearstream might be what was installed to replace it. It was too hard to sell a War against Islam and having their key ‘dirty’ bank being the Pakistan and UAE owned BCCI. The domicile of the bank was Luxembourg, however, much of the money was illegal funds and much of it CIA and directed at the Russia-Afghanistan War, the Iraq-Iran War and Iran Contra. How it morphed from being called Bank of Commerce & Credit International to “Bank of Crooks & Criminals International” was a process and a well-deserved name change.

If you read Part 3, there is a 2004 list that was released showing over 38,000 accounts, but over 17,000 of them do not reveal who those accounts belong to. Lest you have not been paying attention, the world has been in a financial crisis downhill slide since 9-11-2001 and that got much worse from 2008 forward.

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