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Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel- Pt. 2

From the first part of this series, it was revealed who was involved in this scam, and how even the sitting American president in White House protected his friends and investors from consequences. This instalment details how this network was set up to spy, control, steal and rule the world through data and the control of that data.

4 June, 2014 Rense
In the previous article about Global Crossing, I posed the question: How could a fiber optic telecom / Internet network be a strategic asset in implementing global fascism? That is not a rhetorical question and I wish there was only one answer to it as being the all-intrusive NSA spying that Edward Snowden made public.

The NSA has been around a long time doing what its name says, National Security Agency. Most of the time NSA is much more clandestine than the CIA because they are not generally out in the field where it can be dangerous and sometimes big scandals happen when a black op blows up in their face.

It is easy to see a physical human body spy; one cannot see the electronic spying that is even built into your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy as both hardware and software and the cell phone tower you access.

There is an old movie (true story) named “The Falcon & The Snowman” about just such a blow up when a Western Union station operator approached the Russian Embassy in Mexico City about CIA spying and political manipulation in Australia. It went even further to handing over classified spy satellite information and codes. Both of the Americans were sent to prison and one (Christopher Boyce ­ KGB code named “Falcon”) was released in 2002. Most people would never suspect that Western Union telegrams were a front for a CIA communications system way back then or that the CIA would be manipulating elections in Australia.

This was long before the Internet, mobile phones, and even satellite phones. As the technology has changed so has the means for spying. It is not just the spying because these new technologies can also be used in harmful ways up to and including economic warfare and intentional financial harm to others.

Where the lines have become blurred is there are legitimate reasons to spy for national security reasons in a dangerous world. Thanks to the Fascist warmongering bent of George H W Bush, then the sleaze of Clinton, then the Village Idiot George W. Bush and now Obama, they have tried to redefine national defense as spying on everyone whether they are friend or foe, US citizen or foreign.

Even on the surface that is a ludicrous proposition or necessity unless the agenda is not as advertised. In a very real way they have now labeled anyone that is adamant about freedom, liberty and democracy as a Homegrown Terrorist, or a foreign terrorist if not an American. That is of course, not true, but the underlying intent of bullying and intimidation is certainly not a way to market freedom, liberty or democracy.

Many people think the USA is going to such ludicrous and abusive extents because they are paranoid about another September 11, 2001. The real agenda is that this has all been a systematic game plan encompassing even the Internet to spy and install global domination as a fascist state. When they talk about a New World Order that is exactly what they are referring to.

This was in the first chapter of my book “One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas” and it was written by another author from my home state of Arkansas. This is exactly why I detest liars:

“It is not a pleasant thought, or one that’s often discussed, but lies are at base coercive. Deceit is a form of control. More than a few philosophers have compared the coercive force of lies to the power of violence. So even if they are common, they are not as benign as people pretend. Lies undermine the value of information, each one leaving us less able to trust the truthfulness of what we hear — or read, as the case may be. Lies are more subtle than guns, but as threats to personal freedom, they should be regarded as no less dangerous.” Mara Leveritt in the Arkansas Times.

Clinton only engaged in ‘Wag the Dog’ style warmongering in Bosnia after the DNC Zionist Communist walked out on him because he would not attack the Islamic enemies of Israel. That cost him the House and Senate in 1994 and I was right in the middle of that. That entire travesty is being addressed soon when RT releases something they are working on. I was there when the likes of Sheldon Adelson wanted to play a great role in American King Maker and who the USA attacks on behalf of Israel and on the demands of the Israeli and its Jewish lobbies in the US and EU.

I have tried to explain for many Republicans and a few Democrats that the blurry picture they are trying to understand is Family Values, criminality and Jewish Mafia are now wearing the same clothes. That it is extremely difficult to distinguish between them anymore is absolutely by design.

I am still to this day disgusted that in Bosnia we were arming the Muslims to attack the Christians and then ride to the rescue to save the Christians as a trial run up to the Global War on Terror. You would be amazed at how many bad actors were in Bosnia and their next public appearance was in Afghanistan just before and post-9-11.

I do have sources and I for one am damned sick and tired of watching DC pretend to be what I know they are not. Pro-democracy they are not. Concerned about our true freedom and liberty they are not. Concerned about the lives of other men, women or children, they are not. Caring about human rights abuses, only when it is an enemy and they often created that enemy out of thin air as part of an agenda.

In a democracy where freedom, liberty and personal privacy mean something such intrusion is not only unwelcome, it is not even needed. There are plenty of ways to draw the line of what is national security from an outside threat, a possible inside domestic threat and what is merely a law enforcement matter. There is also another category of ‘not a threat at all’ and comes under the category of none of their damned business. That ‘not a threat at all’ is probably close to 95% to 99% of the people on this entire planet, so it brings up the question of what are they actually protecting?

What most Americans are missing is this Global War on Terror is also a war on the American people by the very government and proponents of domination through militarism and economic force. That the Internet and its inherent ability to spy should be easier to understand when you grasp that the three biggest challenges to such fascism is the American people, Russia and China. That is why all the noise you are hearing in every MSM outlet they can push the DC propaganda at you.

It is not just people, whether they are a threat or not. It is also things like the flow of money, who is talking to who, what searches they are making on the Internet, what research is being done, what technology certain people or companies have. This incessant spying is also to gain commerce and technology edges for just the right persons in the inner clique of DC. This spying apparatus has now been pushed into everything under the pretense of post-9-11 national security.

There is a reality coming home to roost and it will hit America harshly. The economic warfare that US has waged to build the house of cards empire and bludgeon other nations has now reached the point that the biggest threat to America is linked to currency, finance, commerce and economics. Add in the endless fraud that the US capital markets and government have perpetrated on others there will be few that have compassion when the US economic blowback puts the USA into currency collapse and economic meltdown. It is coming and not one damned thing Washington DC can do about it but cease and desist with their stupid business plan agenda.

At that time other nations can balance their books on what their currency is really worth and move on without America. This Global Crossing network was intended to be the way the USA could manipulate and dominate world financial matters. That was the urgency to push it into connecting 227 financial centers in the world, with the ancillary benefit being it also pushed the US spying network into places it had never been welcome before. Think on that one because most would never suspect that Global Crossing is the Trojan Horse.

No one should be surprised that its architects are both Zionist Jews and known criminals and people without business ethics.

Even all the talk about ‘homegrown terrorist’ has gone from groups like the Weathermen that were armed by our own government and then vilified when they started blowing up buildings and shooting people. That is anarchism or terrorism, and is a criminal matter. It is not a reason to create a fictitious war with Islam and put up 700+ military bases and pretend to be the only nation on Earth that can and will defend everyone from the boogeyman.

They have now extended the definition of terrorism to include free speech, the right of political debate on what is and what is not good for a nation, the Internet, emails, phone calls, everything. Under these draconian new laws like Patriot Act, Patriot Act 2, FISA, FATCA, HIPAA, etc. the federal government wants to know everything about everybody inside and outside of the USA.

Frankly that same 95% to 99% falls into the category of none of their damned business.

That is when an astute person starts to see it for what it is and its name is fascism and is totalitarianism.

I have said it before publicly, privately, in writing and on the air. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is protecting the US Government from being removed by American citizens as the scourge they are. They are an adjunct so that the NSA and CIA can remain covert while DHS defends the home turf from the people of the United States of America. They are the bully so the NSA and CIA can focus on the ways and means to subjugate the world, and both DoD and NATO are the means to eliminate any threat, whether real or fabricated.

Are you aware that under FATCA the financial transaction has to be ‘FATCA compliant’ within the US and outside for any company, domestic or foreign that signs up for the program?

Are you aware that to transfer funds out of the USA above a certain limit the Department of Homeland Security has to approve the movement of funds? If someone were to wire you say $100,000 from Frankfurt to the US, the Department of Homeland Security has the right to allow it through or not.

That even applies to normal course of business where the issue of funding terrorism is remote to non-existent. Democracy is freedom and liberty; totalitarianism is micromanagement and control of everything.

That is their objective, on this planet, all nations, all people, and even outer space. If you watched the RT video about US intentions of nuclear first strike, there is a part ­ in writing ­ that the USA is even trying to limit, pick and choose who does and does not have access to outer space. Frankly speaking, DC needs to study geography and learn to read maps because I know exactly where their boundaries and authorities are and are not.

When the Internet was first created by the privatization of the Department of Defense ‘nuclear proof’ communication system, the original Tier 1 private sector internet was UUNet. The name is derived from ‘Unix-to-Unix Network’ because back then the Unix server platform was existing and other brand names did not even exist yet. Initially those Unix systems were mainly the government, defense, banks, universities and certain research labs. In a very real way this US arrogance that it is the Internet and it has the power to say what is permissible or not comes from this legacy arrogance of what started the Internet in the first place.

There were no mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, etc., pretty much pre-historic times in the minds of younger people today.

The US, UK and some others were the major proponents of telecom deregulation and that included the technology edges that the USA still had at the time. One cannot have major telecoms or ISP providers without the hardware, software and other appurtenances needed to build it and operate it.

Software and hardware dominance stayed with the USA only a short period of time and then the diversity of choices, options, formats, etc. literally exploded as other nations got into the IT technology boom. That was yet another open door for the US to expand IT technology and spying on parallel paths.

During the IT boom the CIA created a venture capital arm because they saw ways that were far more efficient to keep their eyes on certain people. The VC arm is named In-Q-Tel and their focus has primarily been technologies that are IP / IT based and spying. I was not surprised that anything in the way of emerging technology is interesting to the US spying apparatus. They contacted me and frankly I was not interested in accepting any money from them and having next generation technology be used for the purpose they intended.

They were part of the venture capital funding either directly or indirectly for such things as AOL, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and a wide variety of soft ways to spy on what people do. Where other organic companies grew on their own such as Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc. they always made sure that Big Brother had the keys to spy when needed. They were completely behind the now failed AOL Time Warner merger because it combined the Internet, print and visual media, and CNN, into a common propaganda and spying platform.

The world thought it was really cool that the Internet and quality telephone service would become a global thing and bring us all closer together. Sounded nice, but behind the scenes these Fascist Zionist Neocons viewed communications as their desired “C&C”, or command and control.

It is the command and control matter in the hands of fascists that is a threat to the freedom and liberty of everyone.

In the early days the big telecoms ruled and to even get internet they controlled that ‘last mile’ as they say to your home or office. That was back when the telephone plug into the wall and 56k was about the best a person could hope for on Internet. Eventually the technology advancements were happening so fast that by the time a company ordered, shipped and installed a big router it was often obsolete by the time it was turned on to serve customers.

As the Internet grew and technologies too like IM, VoIP, streaming video, email, etc. there reached a point that the Internet was not connected to your local telephone company and long distance carrier, such as Southwestern Bell was the LEC and AT&T was the long distance carrier. It finally reached a point that the LEC’s and even the long haul carriers had to connect to the Internet or get left behind. The IP technology and fiber optics were moving the copper wire networks to dinosaur status.

This was when this Orwellian behemoth spying apparatus was pushed into every home, every mobile, every telecom, every PC and laptop, etc.

When I was directly involved in the Global Crossing Chapter 11 bankruptcy I did what any sane buyer would do and that is evaluate the assets, customer base, and arrive at some price that would be workable under new management and a strategic workout plan. It was during that effort and some inside information I was provided by friendly insiders that the picture became clear to see.

In Chapter 14 of my book, page 608 I did a copy and paste of an email I was sent from someone inside of Global Crossing. Gary Winnick, former co-defendant with convicted felon Michael Milken, really did refer to his palatial Beverly Hills headquarters as what is stated below.

“John Doe” gave me excellent pointers of where to look, where to focus, where to put the crosshairs to drop the evil beast named Global Crossing. This person worked inside of the Winnick “Western White House” and saw much, heard much, and knew much. I was advised that: “Winnick is very concerned about his “Jewishness”. Houston, Synagogue, largest donors Andy Fastow and Gary Winnick. Look for Birthright Israel1, Marc Rich and Gary Winnick are both major contributors to that effort. Gary fashions himself to be one of the Super Jews – like Milken. As long as he can make the big philanthropist donations, he does not care how he rakes in the money.

Learn all you can about “nesting doll arrangements” if you do not know what those are. $40 million slated for Israel museum, track it down and follow the money. Track Robert Belfer and Winnick and see what comes up, why the Israelis are wringing their hands regarding the collapse of Enron and Global Crossing. Track down the former Milken co-defendants and see what they have been up to, relating to Global Crossing and the many deals it has done up front and the ones behind the scenes. Pay particular attention to IXNet and IPC Information Systems and anyone ever involved in either of them. Learn what the “fascination” is with “trading systems. Do not look at Global Crossing as a telecom. Look at it as a trading scam.”

Just in that one email that was sent to me from the home and private email address of a Global Crossing insider is a tax evasion criminal that Clinton pardoned, two convicted for securities fraud (Milken and Winnick), a Jew oil baron that merged his Belco Petroleum into Internorth and then into ENRON and wound up taking a $5 billion red shower on that ugly bitch. Lastly Andy Fastow… the CFO of ENRON that was sentenced to serve time in federal prison.

When we dug into the background of Fastow it did not take long to find a major scam that involved Continental Illinois Bank in Chicago, its collapse and both Fastow and Milken involved in that, too after the bank had been robbed. After Milken got out of prison he was barred from securities and the capital markets. What he did as a sideline was act as strategic advisor to Andy Fastow of ENRON and Bernie Ebbers of WorldCom (and had purchased UUNet) on how to defraud the world. Both Fastow and Ebbers were convicted and sent to prison. They should have nailed Milken a second time but did not want to hear any more of the ‘anti-Semitic forces out to get Michael Milken’ whining.

The nesting doll arrangements were a creation of Michael Milken to hide assets, create diffusion and confusion, and steal with impunity. Best of all it frustrated jurisdiction and made it virtually impossible to ever recover what had been stolen. Andy Fastow was a whiz kid at setting them up offshore and fooling the ENRON auditors. I was informed that what got them caught was a bank holiday in Europe they had not factored in and the funds did not show up ahead of the auditors. It was a huge shell game but those massive amounts of ENRON money were not lost, they just got directed into the right pockets and bank accounts.

Most Americans do not know that US Bankruptcy Court jurisdiction only extends 3 miles out from the US territory. They also do not know that the choice assets were parked offshore out of the reach of the US Bankruptcy Court. That the new Enron, different name, is now parked in the Cayman Islands should be all some astute people need to know about who controls those assets now.

The banking system in the US and the one in the EU are quite different and even how they have set up certain things like the Constitution for each EU member, the EU itself, and other distinct differences that go beyond just different nations and different languages.

In the EU the nations cannot just print money and they are limited on total national debt as a formula tied to their economic GDP. Unlike the USA where the Federal Reserve just prints whatever they wish and spreads it out around the world and then tries to force all nations to trade in USD as the petrodollar.

If any nations step out of line, their currencies are literally attacked to punish them. Many nations have little resiliency due to how they manage their debt level and USA seems to think debts are assets. In a way they are when one uses them as a weapon and with the intent of financial terrorism.

I have seen that in Hungary where that nation has not converted to the Euro yet and they stepped out of line as far as the US was concerned on political matters that had nothing to do with EU, had everything to do with what the US was demanding. Hungary sent soldiers to Iraq in 2003, 300 to be exact and 1 was killed. The other 299 are chronically ill for the same reasons most of the US troops are. That was about to come out and the US hammered Hungary and the value of their currency to silence them.

If you watched the recent RT video about the plans the US has for first strike nuclear warfare, there is mention of the financial intimidation the USA tries to exert. When people do not obey it is the dark network side of what was installed as Global Crossing that is used to attack and make it appear that it is coming from offshore from a hedge fund operation. The Federal Reserve no longer accounts for the amount of M3 funds it has that are offshore. Those M3 funds are used to attack and manipulate the currencies of other nations, too.

Get the picture of how a global financial network linking the 227 financial centers can be used as a weapon? Economic warfare and inflicting economic harm on anyone that does not obey is part of the overall objective.

This network was envisioned by Zionist Jews, Milken co-defendants and Milken himself. The majority of the financing and even the dark parallel network were financed primarily by other Jews in Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

There has been a lot of talk over the past 3 to 4 years about a global reset of currency valuations. What I just described is why. Many nations have very well documented that the US has literally waged currency warfare against any nation that does not obey as to this intention of installing a Fascist New World Order.

That is what Bush Sr. called it, but I prefer to call it what it is, Fascist Zionist Neocons and Fascist Zionist Jew Neocons intent on global fascism and totalitarianism. One element of that is financial domination and that is exactly why Global Crossing was built. That it also carries embassy and military base traffic should set off a few ‘flashing red lights’ for anyone watching this all play out since September 11, 2001.

The incessant creation of the boogeyman, who to fear, who to blame is a strategy to conceal the intentional chaos they are creating for the purpose of either inflicting damage or intimidating weaker nations into submission.

The review of Global Crossing assets found a lot of US and UK embassy long haul business, links from the Pentagon to this global network of over 700 military bases that are both USA and NATO, and much more. The SWIFT network joined since Global Crossing had linked the main financial centers. Even that can be used to grant or deny the flow of funds between nations for commerce.

Just to send a Western Union from Point A to Point B is now a fully recorded matter, not only by Western Union but also the US government’s spying apparatus. If they want to block funds to any given person, they do.

These networks are also used as a medium to carry TV, DVD content, Internet radio, and at every level the interconnections between satellite, Internet, landline phones, faxes, mobile devices have all been merged into a system that can easily be spied upon by those granted access to the system to spy.

If you use Google to search, it is being used both to limit what can be seen and to make sure that arcane but defamatory information about any perceived enemy always comes up first in a search. Normal search routines come up in order of significance and how many times a webpage is viewed, but not on Google. That too is used as a weapon to discredit and minimalize those that speak out against this lunacy these Neocons stand for and what they are trying to accomplish.

Every credit card transaction, bank deposit, wire transfer, telephone call, email, IM, SMS, etc. is only needed in a fascist state. It is not even remotely needed in a true democracy where freedom and liberty have true meaning.

I have seen the inner workings of the Global Crossing network, what traffic it was carrying and how much dark fiber there was that is not owned by Global Crossing. Someone got a free ride to install a parallel network that was to be used for financial gain, trading profit scams due to it being a faster network, and even money laundering was possible without leaving the normal SWIFT and bank trails.

Who got that free ride was US intelligence, military and banks to push this global agenda.

The only purpose for building it and then pushing everyone aside so the Wall Street types controlled their own private network cannot be construed as anything good. Since it went active the sheer level of fraud, bank wrongdoing, and even the expansion of the network into every nook and cranny it can extend to has been pushed towards 100% penetration.

There was another anomaly that I found. Global Crossing installed an undersea cable from Italy to Israel that has bandwidth capacities that were near 1,000 times that needed to serve the population of Israel for voice, IP and Internet. That the founders were all pipelining money to Israel says to me where their allegiances are. [emphasis mine – ed]

I know for a fact that Global Crossing is the backbone for financial terrorism and profiteering at will and with impunity, and as a method for Israel to spy on this world.

The ECB is currently conducting a stress test on 130 of the largest banks in the EU. These are to measure their overall health but also to get a handle on how much damage has been done by the US fiscal policies, economic warfare, and other market manipulations that started the market collapse in 2008 and still linger today as the US attempts to get every last dying gasp out of the USD and their failed war and economic policies.

The conditions within some banks have been so severe they cannot raise capital in Europe and have gone to the large Arabic sovereign funds to help prevent a complete collapse. This article addresses what the Qatar funds have been doing with certain banks.

Even though the article does not mention it, many are exiting the USD and one way to do that before the bottom drops out is put it into Euro based investments, or other stable currencies.

There are many foreign nations slowly waking up that that USA marketing versus the USA business plan does not jive. The lies are used to sell it; the reality is the USA wages war militarily, politically, economically and through intimidation.

The design and installation of Global Crossing was billed as a new global fiber optic telecom. What it was in reality was a global financial trading weapon and Wall Street wanted it. Bush made damned sure that anyone that knew his Pioneer political backers were behind the fraud were not allowed to control it even though my bid was much higher and would have protected national security.

It took a while to clearly see that Bush was not opposed to letting China have access to it because it gave USA access to them so we could spy on them. Then it is convenient for the USA and MSM to cry foul if China penetrates some of the time and USA does all day, every day.

The more I found out about the Neocons, their global agenda, and Global Crossing it was clear to me that only the Neocons would be allowed to use this network. Everyone else is just the level of vassals and slaves as to what its true purpose was then and is now.

When the battle was raging at FCC over transfer of control of Global Crossing to ST Telemedia, I presented many facts showing the threats to national security this network presented to the USA from anyone connected to it. CFIUS, on the directions of the Bush White House scoffed at such ideas and recommended the sale go to ST Telemedia at less than half of my bid.

After full control did transfer to Singapore, NSA and CIA could spy on China but the reverse is true. Fiber optics is not a one-way network.

It took a while until certain foreign banks learned how the US banks were picking their pockets with a faster network. When they fixed that disparity, some of those same banks have learned how to fight back, some not.

In 2007, September 3 the Pentagon is penetrated, according to the Financial Times. [Formatting changed to identify the source and link embedded, no change to content or meaning was made. – ed]

In 2008, November 7, the White House is penetrated, according to the Financial Times.

In 2013, May 29 the Pentagon was penetrated again, according to the Telegraph.

Russia has some of the top IT people in the world, as does China, 30 November, 2008 as the Telegraph reported here.

It did not take Russia or China long to figure out how the USA was using this network against them in many ways. So, they learned how to use it in reverse.

If DC is bitching about China and Russia using the Global Crossing network to cyber-attack the US you can be sure the USA is doing the same to them. The main difference is Russia and China are not trying to build a global fascist state, the US is pushing to do exactly that.

The USA is not the arbiter of what war crimes are or are not when they are guilty of same. The US is not the arbiter that defines that an Internet penetration against them is a ‘cyber-crime’ but their intrusions are merely keeping the peace and defending America. The USA is not the arbiter of what other nations want as democracy, freedom and liberty, while the USA represents and proves every day it is a fascist state intent on totalitarian domination.

There is another institutional arrogance in this entire matter of American exceptionalism; that being the USA thinks it is the only nation on Earth (including Israel) that has the right to defend itself. It presumes to be the only nation on Earth that has the right to spy on everyone yet not be spied on in return in self-defense.

Stay tuned to RT in the near future about a person named William F. Browder, proponent of the Magintsky Act that singles out Russians, and has been tied at the hip with criminal Jewish elements starting with Michael Milken, the founder of what is now Global Crossing and its use in international security and financial fraud, spying, and much more.

The next article also addresses spying but from a different perspective. If you missed Part 1, read it here.

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