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Global Crossing, Fraud, Fascist Zionist Neocons, Israel- Pt.1

There have been numerous articles and reports of “Israeli” spying on the Americans, and a few in other locations, but none have really gotten at the heart of how it is done. In the case of “Israeli” spying globally, its malfeasance it is typically ignored or intentionally buried so as to avoid offending or hurting the feelings or embarrassing the rogue state. But it is such an important topic and has such incredibly wide implications that the people deserve to know how their information is being stolen, their corporate secrets and inventions are being pilfered, how the ministers of their governments are being blackmailed, the broad range of racketeering, securities fraud is being perpetrated by zionist Jews for Israel, and how everyone is being bilked for billions of dollars, pounds and euros. This is the product of some incredible research by a very diligent gentleman that connects many dots and creates a chilling picture of just how far “Israel” is in your phone, boardroom, computer and treasury.

4 June, 2014 Rense
How could a telecom network be a strategic asset in implementing global fascism? Much easier than you might suspect but detecting or tracking premeditated fraud is not easy to do. It has been said I can track the footsteps of fraud across the concrete sidewalks of DC and NYC.

On August 9, 2012 Jeff Rense and I did a detailed radio show on Global Crossing and how these huge corporate stock frauds are planned, underwritten and then launched on an unsuspecting investing public. The Global Crossing instance was as big one, over $56 billion in money that was fleeced / stolen from investors to build a network that had an agenda and a purpose from its day of inception.

The MP3 of that radio show is in the archives at Rense Radio if you wish to listen to it.

I am not sure yet if this series will be in two parts, three or maybe four. This is all connected on what you are witnessing right now since September 11 2001, Afghanistan 2001, Iraq 2003, Georgia 2008, Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. Even the bank and SEC fines, the ongoing investigations, the endless reports of fraud embedded into the entire system are intricately interwoven into this bizarre picture we are all presented on TV and in the printed media. Also, the endless revelations of spying and government manipulations that are going on.

There are many that try to discredit me and they always conveniently leave out key information, key website links, etc. that clearly show that I have been places that few Americans have ever been.

One such link is the FCC, Federal Communications Commission that regulates all telecoms, internet providers, radio and TV and even mobile phone licenses in America. I was the high bidder in US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York to acquire Global Crossing at more than twice the amount that George Bush wanted it sold for and to push it under the rug. What we discovered was criminal activity and was why the US Department of Justice Criminal Division and the FBI were on the short list with me, the FCC Commission Staff, FCC General Counsel, the Communications Workers of America and a few others.

These two links should be all you need to see to establish I am real and there are some that hide under their desk when I square off with them or go back under the rock they slithered out from for such cowardly attacks.

You can note in that second link a PDF document and even on the first page it is discussing and exposing national security risks if the network was to be sold to ST Telemedia of Singapore. This was a major issue and even CFIUS was involved as the Committee for Foreign Investment into the United States when national security matters are an issue.

This recent flap of the US accusing China of cybercrimes and spying on the USA is laughable when it is now an established fact due to what Edward Snowden disclosed and the recent Freedom Act 2014 attempt to legalize it have exposed that the most egregious spying being done on this planet is of US and Israel origin. More on that regarding both parties follows in this essay and Part 2 that will post within days.

The links and ties between ST Telemedia and China were well documented and still Bush wanted it hidden because his major backers were up a tree on securities fraud due to what I found.

If you wonder or have any doubts why NSA would be spying on Angela Merkel it is because they want to be certain at all times that she remains loyal to the Fascist Zionist Neocon agenda. They have to make sure the players stay in formation and focused on their objectives of fascist global totalitarianism. As the leader of the largest economy in the EU and its relationship to NATO is a crucial part of this entire scam.

The timing of this essay coincides with what are basically threats by the big banksters [sic] that if they are prosecuted the US economy will blow up.

That too is laughable because the biggest problem in the US and global economy are these damned banks breaking the law, defending themselves, lining their own pockets, and not doing anything but sucking the life out of economies all over the world.

This matter at the FCC and what I had given to the DOJ Criminal Division and FBI got so hotly contested that even the White House had a person call me to test the waters of how deep the problems might be for Bush and his Pioneer political backers that we had nailed on securities fraud on more than one telecom company.

It recently came out that Israel was spying on Clinton. That and more will be addressed very soon.

It was not my doing that the majority of the Milken co-defendants are Zionist Jews, or that what we discovered led back to another group that was majority Zionist Jews. I did not make the black marks on their resume; they did with their wanton greed and wanton disregard for the law.

Before all was said and done Wall Street was fined $3.0 billion and Deutsche Bank $3.6 billion for running an illegal operation offshore to naked short the stocks and bonds of Global Crossing to push it into bankruptcy and keep it there. Within the debt financing they had constructed an elaborate scheme that the debt default covenants were directly tied to the value of the stock and bonds, and then went busily to work offshore with illegal naked shorting activities to force the debt service covenant default to happen. They timed that attack to coincide with completion of the network and then is just started imploding.

Naked shorting means they were shorting shares they did not own or have custody of, and it is an illegal way to manipulate markets.

There was more in how the company itself was engineering fake long distance calls to bleed cash out of the US company and park it offshore. In one way they were creating slush funds and in another way paying for their assassination because even to create a naked short requires cash. That is mentioned in what is below as “International LDDD fraud” and the acronym means long distance direct dialing. They had set up servers to make these fake calls and create artificial billing to offshore accounts and bleeding the company financially to death intentionally.

Of course, their billing software was Amdocs; that Israeli company that even the NSA has shown other US government agencies is a national security risk to the USA. More on that matter is coming out soon, too.

The following is a transcript of the telephone call made to me and is in Chapter 14 of my book “One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas” and it appears on pages 669-672.

White House: May I speak to Karl Schwarz, please?

Author: This is Karl Schwarz, how may I help you?

White House: My name is Priscilla Owen. I am with the White House and a Senior Aide to Karen Hughes. Have I called at a convenient time?

Author: I just finished supper, so yes I have time to visit with you. I presume you are calling about Global Crossing.

White House: Yes, that is correct. Ms. Hughes asked that I contact you and try to ascertain why all of these shareholders are so angry at the President and threatening not to vote for him. Does that have anything to do with the President’s approval of the Global Crossing sale to the Singapore firm?

Author: Yes, it does, but more importantly there are millions of Americans that have been plundered by the fraud in our corporations and on Wall Street. It is not just the shareholders of Global Crossing that are concerned ­ and running out of patience – about the lack of attention to what is being done to millions of Americans, hundreds of thousands of families, investors, voters. I take it you got enough emails objecting to the President approving the sale to make this call to me.

White House: Well, yes. There have been many but not just from Global Crossing shareholders. We have received many emails, faxes and telephone calls to the White House switchboard. What did you have to do with Williams Communications?

Author: I thought you called to discuss Global Crossing and why Global Crossing voters are mad at the President?

White House: Well, I did. When all of these emails starting showing up demanding that we take a look at your offer since it would not eliminate the shareholders, we checked you out and found that you are involved somehow in Williams Communications. A lot of these emails to the White House are from WCG shareholders.

Author: I am involved in WCG as well. I have 1,857 shareholders holding about 56,000,000 shares aligned with me, those represent about 14% of all of the shares they had outstanding. They all got hurt real bad too, just like Global Crossing.

White House: Why are they aligned with you?

Author: Because we plan to file a RICO action against WCG and a lot of persons that collaborated on putting the screws to tens of thousands of WCG investors.

White House: We have WCG under investigation. The shareholders sent the SEC, DOJ and White House their findings.

Author: Well, if you are talking about what Phil Redman and Connie sent in, the 300 plus pages of due diligence they did not do as shareholders, that is not evidence nor is it the basis for the RICO lawsuit. Former members of WCG management have come to me and will not even talk to them. Besides, they sent that in over 16 months ago and in the meantime many have had to file bankruptcy, lost their homes, marriages, etc.. When exactly were the White House and DOJ going to let everyone know that the WCG investigation was still in progress? Justice is on its way?

White House: Well, we cannot discuss an ongoing investigation.

Author: You just did – with me. And I do not think the President is going to do anything about WCG due to who was involved in it.

White House: This president is very serious about the fraud in our corporations and on Wall Street.

Author: Really? Do you think he will enforce the law against any of his Texas friends or any of the Pioneer members? I do not and neither do the shareholders. If we are wrong, the President is more than welcome to prove us wrong.

White House: Are you telling me that some of the President’s friends and contributors are going to be named in a RICO lawsuit?

Author: That is exactly what I am telling you.

White House: Am I correct in assuming that you have Global Crossing shareholders aligned with you as with WCG?

Author: That would be a safe assumption to make.

White House: Can you tell me how many?

Author: About 8,000 in all – holding about 91,000,000 shares – around 10% of all shares. The shareholders are going to be a lot madder as they learn that I have a copy of a document proving that some of the creditors were naked shorting GX stock to put the company down and keep it down.

White House: I have seen an email in the past from you regarding the International LDDD fraud and we had it checked out. It is happening. That did check out.

Author: Look, I understand that Karen and you are political, – vote counters – not law enforcement, but let me explain to you what you have just said to me. That report of fraudulent conduct came from me and two former GX engineers. One of them told me that a full year before he and I met the International LDDD fraud matter was reported to the FBI and no one did a thing.

White House: Well, this time around they followed up and it is happening.

Author: True enough. In admitting that though, there is something that this Administration has to do. As the Executive Branch, over the SEC, DOJ and FBI, knowledge of criminal acts in progress ­ before a sitting US Court judge ­ requires the White House to immediately notify the DOJ and that JUDGE be notified that there is a felony in progress right under his nose right now. Not after Bush approves this sale I think STT and Hutchison may well have been in on it.

White House: We cannot intervene in a bankruptcy case. That would not be proper.

Author: You are not understanding what I am saying. International LDDD fraud is not a Title 11 bankruptcy matter. It comes under Title 18, the criminal section of the US Code, and specifically that part called Bankruptcy Crimes. If the White House, and especially the DOJ, are aware that LDDD fraud is happening, a “crime in progress” – it is mandatory that you report that felony in progress to Judge Gerber immediately. Ask White House counsel – you cannot sit on this information as if it might hurt the vote count. We are talking “felony in progress” and you just admitted that the White House knows about it. It would not be proper, as you say, to cover up a known felony. It is knowledge of a crime in progress that has to be reported to the judge.

White House: I will pass that along.

Author: Thank you, I do not think the President wants to be reading about obstruction of justice or willfully looking the other way on a felony. Just about everybody in the world knows Global Crossing is a fraud. That is one of the reasons for the emails his signature is a rubber stamp on the fraud, not standing up for rule of law and the investors that got screwed.

White House: The emails we have received and the press releases say that your offer is $415 million. Do you have the funding to do that?

Author: Yes I do, $513 million to be exact. I should have the final commitment in this week and will gladly fax you a copy of it.

White House: That would be helpful. I saw somewhere that you claimed that there were many bids on Global Crossing last summer. Is that true?

Author: Yes it is. They discarded them all and told Judge Gerber that the $250,000,000 was the highest bid. I have been a higher bid since July 2002. You have my email, if you want to see what I presented last summer and the revised proposal I presented in New York about a month ago, you are more than welcome to see them. They are the Asset Purchase Agreements and are large documents.

White House: I will send you an email so you can send those and you think we will have the fax on the financing commitment by the end of the week?

Author: Yes, you will have it by the end of the week.

White House: Thank you for your time.

Author: You are welcome, thank you.

She never sent that email and she never called back. I sent several emails, they did not respond to them this time around. As promised, we faxed them a 4 page financing commitment and could have closed within 30-days. Our offer did not take the shareholders to $0 in Global Crossing, so the President had a chance to do something for the investing public and it just did not matter.”

This network is a strategic asset in the US / NATO strategy of Fascist Totalitarianism that is the objective of these Fascist Zionist Neocons and their co-conspirators the Fascist Zionist Jew Neocons. It is also a strategic asset in how US and ally banks use it to defraud others in this global market. It has been a blunt instrument that has not been used by some for any good purposes.

Part of this Fascist Zionist Neocon strategy requires theft, illegal arms, drugs, money laundering, stock fraud so they have plenty of money stashed secretly away to pay for black ops and covert activities. It also helps when the banks will not fund legitimate business growth activities that would be a present or future threat to their game plan.

The US was very behind the telecom deregulation and expansion of a global telecommunications network linking the 227 financial centers in the world. Hence, Global Crossing to achieve that objective and they used stock fraud to build it and then just pushed the shareholders aside under the amended 1994 US Bankruptcy Code that reduced shareholder standing in bankruptcy and they get $0 recovery.

Hidden behind that objective was the colossal dark networks for trading systems, NATO, US Department of Defense, CIA and of course, the NSA. What is connected to that network directly or due to other providers having to connect to it are almost all banks, SWIFT, embassies, military bases, Google, Facebook and just about every instrumentality that would be needed to spy on everything and defend what they want to install. Their objective is a global fascist totalitarian government led by the same people that dreamed up this lunacy.

Their various aliases are The Grand Chessboard, the Global War on Terror, and more black ops and dark activities than a book could detail. I am not sure a 6 volume tome such as Carl Sandburg’s “Lincoln” would even come close to documenting it all.

In case you are wondering who called me, Priscilla Owen was a Texas judge that Bush had appointed to the Fifth Circuit, US Court of Appeals. Her confirmation had been blocked for a long time by Patrick Leahy in the Senate. The move that Bush made really put the screws to the DNC side that was angling to be major players in the Caspian Basin oil and natural gas grab Bush tried to pull off, but now we are all getting to suffer the payback as Obama has tried to turn up the volume and cram it down the throats of everyone.

The reason that Bush wanted her on the US Court of Appeals in New Orleans was to keep quiet what was done to Bridas Corporation in Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan until he and Blair had successfully taken over that Trans Afghanistan Pipeline. They failed but Bridas did not prevail in the US appeals court until September 9. 2003, almost 2 years too late to stop the madness of what Bush and Blair did to Afghanistan and had already rushed to inflict on Iraq in March 2003. See here.

Note that the law firm of Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw was part of the team representing Turkmenistan in the Fifth Circuit US Court of Appeals. Richard ben Veniste was a key Democrat player on the 9-11 Commission, even while his law firm was trying to keep the lid on the Bridas matter in the US courts.

Neither the Bush White House nor the 9-11 Commission wanted any American to know about Bridas Corporation, their contracts with Turkmenistan, Pakistan, the Taliban, etc. to build the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline. They never mentioned a word about ‘the pipeline’ except before 9-11 when General Tommy Franks let it slip before Congress that a key part of his CENTCOM mission was ‘the pipeline’.

There was no purpose in Bush appointing Republicans and Democrats to appear to be so concerned about national security and an appearance of fairness, balance or even concern for national security in the investigation of 9-11-2001. At least 7 of the 10 were directly benefiting and profiting from the Bush agenda, on both sides of the aisle.

Even after they lost in New Orleans they went running to the US Supreme Court where they were refused in March 2004 to grant the Writ of Certiorari and consider reversing the appellate court decision.

So, the US accuses China of spying on the US and China says they are laughable to accuse any other nations of spying. I do not think I disagree with China on their assessment. It is no secret that Israel is very aggressive in spying on the USA, even though they pretend to be friends and ally.

The inception of Global Crossing started as an arcane entity domiciled in the Cayman Islands as “GC Partners Ltd, Cayman Islands”. Its original founders and promoters were convicted felon Michael Milken and an entire covey / flock of Zionist Jews ranging from Gary Winnick and his Pacific Asset entities in California all the way up to Chairman CEO Sanford Weill at Citigroup.

For those that want to know the truth, they can find GC Partners and the Winnick controlled Pacific Asset entities as co-defendants of Michael Milken when he lost his appeal and was sent to prison.

When Global Crossing was put into Chapter 11 bankruptcy there was a lot of handwringing over in Israel as to whether or not Winnick was going to be able to honor all the pledges he made to support various causes that are high priority in Israel.

This is an excerpt from my book on page 609 as to just one of the pet projects:

“Q. Who is behind the birthright Israel gift?1

A. Birthright Israel is a unique partnership between the people of Israel through their government, local Jewish communities (United Jewish Communities, Keren Hayesod, and The Jewish Agency for Israel), and the following Jewish philanthropic partners: S. Daniel Abraham, The Abramson Family Foundation, Andrea and Charles Bronfman, Edgar Bronfman Sr., Richard and Rhoda Goldman Foundation, Hadassah – The Women’s Zionist Organization of America, Ronald S. Lauder, The Samberg Family Foundation, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Judy and Michael Steinhardt, The Wasserman Foundation, Leslie and Abigail Wexner and The Wexner Foundation, Karen and Gary Winnick in North America; Marc Rich in Europe. Special contributions have also been made by The AVI CHAI Foundation, Sandy Baklor and Arlene Kaufman, Len and Alex Blavatnik, The Goldring Family Foundation, The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, Robert and Arlene Kogod, Lev Leviev, The Righteous Persons Foundation and The Woldenberg Foundation.”

Gary Winnick fashions himself as a Mega-Zionist Jew like Michael Milken does. I did not make that comment. A board insider of Global Crossing made that comment to me about the level of disgust they had in seeing the inside of that securities scam up close and personal.

By far the greatest amount of handwringing in Israel was whether or not Winnick could honor his pledge to a certain museum in Israel and direct the money he stole through Global Crossing. This was on page 638 of my book, Chapter 14:

By far the foundation’s largest single donation is the $40 million pledged to the Simon Wiesenthal Center for construction of the Winnick Institute in Jerusalem. The institute will represent a philosophy and function similar to that of the Wiesenthal Center’s Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

Winnick has met his initial obligations on this pledge, and the outstanding payments are linked to the institute’s construction schedule, said Rabbi Marvin Hier, dean and founder of the Wiesenthal Center. “

You can also find the name of Leon Black, former Drexel Burnham Lambert, Milken co-defendant, then Blackstone Group and now Apollo Asset Management.

Dig a little deeper and you can find Blackstone Group and Apollo in bed with the Qatar Sovereign Investment Fund and another fund called RDIF, Russia Direct Investment Fund.

The aggression is these Fascist Zionist Neocons against Russia to wedge in and take over as much as they can of the wealth of Russia. When they get blocked is when the Zionist Jews start howling like dogs at a Full Moon.

For the record, who was blocking out higher and better bids on Global Crossing was the financial advisor to Debtor Global Crossing, Blackstone Group. There is a group in NYC that calls itself the Bankruptcy Mafia. Their goal is to make sure such choice and juicy assets wind up in exactly the right hands.

Jeff and I discussed on the air that during our investigation into what was a parallel network through the same conduits that Global Crossing was installing with both the debt they had secured and the capital markets in value of their stock. That hidden part of the network was controlled by Cable Systems Holding, Ltd., controlled by Citigroup through the Citigroup Venture Capital arm. Both Global Crossing and Cable Systems Holding were moved to Bermuda as they prepared to launch this fraud on the world.

When all of this was exposed the DOJ and SEC let Sanford Weill off the hook to avoid civil and criminal charges for wrongdoing. The Jewish lobbies were working almost around the clock to pressure officials so he would not be tried and convicted. They wanted to keep that dark network silent. He resigned and handed the reigns over to Jamie Dimon, now head of JPMorgan Chase. Once a bankster, always a bankster I say.

A large part of that dark shadow network is controlled by the major banks, Israel, and is used in many ways by the US government and others. Even Blackstone Group has its own network inside of this hidden network.

It was all in my book, the radio show I did with Jeff and what was disclosed to DOJ and FBI. As for disclosing it to DOJ, that has been on more than one occasion including this year. They apparently did not know about the secret trading networks but I have yet to see them do anything but talk about applying and enforcing the law.

The next Part 2 will address other specifics that the media and US law enforcement has known about yet have refused to address.


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