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Global Crossing, Clearstream Global Money Laundering, Tax Evasion- Pt. 3

Part 1 of this series introduced us to Global Crossing: what it is, who is involved and how it links to “Israel.” Part 2 explained how this fibre optic network is set up to micromanage the affairs of humankind and do so within a totalitarian system, as well as the criminal aspects of Global Crossing and their financial fraud. This instalment explains how Global Crossing and Clearstream are interlinked into all electronic financial transactions, essentially the network over which these transactions must travel, the money laundering involved and how it is done.

8 June, 2014 Rense
When Central Bank rates are under 1% or under 0% as they are now in ECB / EU, and a company is required to pay rates as high as 10.75% to 11.75%, they are usually viewed as a credit risk. The only other possibility is the above-market interest rates are a way to bleed cash out of a company for use in other agendas and the higher than market interest rate is sort of like a Trojan Horse so folks do not wise up to the scheme or the scam. Global Crossing did it before; why not do it again?

Such is the case with this recent announcement by Global Crossing.

“Global Crossing (UK) Finance Plc (“GCUK Finance”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Crossing , today announced that it has completed the excess cash offer for its 11.75 percent Sterling-denominated and 10.75% Dollar-denominated senior secured notes due in 2014.”

There is something happening in Europe and it does not involve NATO, Obama’s recent trip on G7 and war plans across the entire bordering region of Russia, nor is it about the recent elections in the EU. No, this Big Event has started in Italy when the shareholder meetings of Bank Carige, Bank Intesa and UniCredit were served with a mandatory whistleblower notice regarding how they are falsifying their accounting to hide profits, pay lower dividends to shareholders and evade taxes. That of course screws over the shareholders and the Italy government and is a form of money laundering and tax evasion, too.

What tipped this off was the three banks in Italy were passing paper back and forth on Clearstream to avoid detection of how they were rigging their books, hiding profits and avoiding taxes.

As a brief aside, while Obama was in Europe last week both Czech Republic and Slovakia told Barky that NATO is not welcome in their nation. They see the wise future choice being along the lines of having a close and warm relationship with Russia, not the attempts that DC, EU and NATO are stirring up right now in Ukraine, Poland and the new US military base in Romania. Both Slovakia and Czech Republic should be applauded for saying ‘NO’ to NATO, arms, US missiles and troops in their nations.

Now, back to the focus at hand and what paying attention to Global Crossing, trading networks and trading scams has led to. Folks, this is huge and it is all coming out over the next 30 to 60 days.

These accounting procedures are no small matter because just the 5% whistleblower fee is a whopping 42 billion, with a ‘b’, billion Euros. Just in three banks the accounting fraud that has been reported to the Italian tax authorities, Central Bank and others was 27 billion, 344 billion and 516 billion Euros respectively. Additionally, the investigators in Italy were at the last and biggest scandal uncovered and told the shareholders that the bank is under investigation. The Italian ‘Feds’ are already on it after someone showed them what they are doing and how they are doing it.


Of course, some of these banks were the ones that went whining to the governments and ECB for bailout money, which in a very real way is fraud against the national government, too.

Both Bank Intesa and UniCredit have significant ownership from US money and investment funds. For example, Blackrock is now the second biggest shareholder in Bank Intesa.

But, as Paul Harvey used to say: ‘now for the rest of the story’.

One of the biggest reasons the 9-11 Truth Movement failed is many of them were political agenda to get rid of Bush, and another large faction never bothered to check their facts.

For example, there was a lot of finger pointing post 9-11 at Unocal and their attempts to get into the Caspian Basin and control of the Trans Afghanistan Pipeline. That was just name dropping and not the truth, not the right place to look.

When George H W Bush was president Unocal and the CITGO gas station network was sold to the Venezuela state-owned Petroleos in 1991. That transaction had to be approved both by the White House and CFIUS, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States. I addressed that matter in my presentation at ‘9-11: Confronting the Evidence’. That video has been seen by about 500 million people around the world but apparently not enough people in the USA have taken the time to watch and listen, especially listen. The facts were all laid out on the table so the Sheeple could understand it.

That was a major fact that the 9-11 Truth Movement failed to pick up and even when I told them about their error they failed to see the significance of: 1.) US actions towards Chavez to get into the huge oil reserves of that nation; and 2.) that Venezuela / Unocal had nothing to do with Afghanistan or the Caspian Basin Region. The Venezuela / Unocal actions after 1991 had nothing to do with Afghanistan or that pipeline that Bush thought he could take over by blaming Osama bin Laden for 9-11.

Hugo Chavez and George Bush involved in the same objective was one of those ­ NEVER propositions.

During the entire Bush Administration Bush was constantly trying to stir up dissension, chaos and regime change in Venezuela because they knew Russia’s LUKOil and Rosneft were moving to become major stakeholders in the vast reserves of the Orinoco Basin. LUKOil has been working on selling its interest during 2014 to focus on other areas and appears the only company that has a shot to get it is Rosneft. That angered DC and out comes the threats of sanctions against Venezuela now over the past several weeks in May 2014.

Said short and another way, Hugo Chavez and George Bush were not friends, were sworn enemies. The new leader of Venezuela after Chavez died of cancer has not bowed or kneeled to the USA either.

You can check on (pdf) that Chevron re-acquired Unocal from Venezuela during the George W Bush Administration.

You probably do not see how Global Crossing and Unocal connect, but please read on.

On February 1, 2002 there was a transaction closed for $1.6 billion. The Deutsche Boerse bought out a Luxembourg entity named Cedel International S.A., for societe anonym. That is sort of like an LLC but it is easy to conceal who the real owners are if proper steps are taken.

Cedel and the Deutsche Boerse clearing group is now called Clearstream. Both SWIFT and Clearstream are part of the publicly acknowledged and the secret trading network part of Global Crossing. There was an agenda in play to connect the 227 financial markets of the world as one global financial and trading network for what we all know now are the ‘banksters’.

What has just surfaced in Italy (but has in EU in other cases up to and including kickbacks to former France President Sarkozy) is Clearstream is being used as a network for money laundering, tax evasion and many other dark money things people do as well as legitimate transactions. Even the US government, US banks and others are using this network to launder money, evade taxes and move funds they do not want to be detected.

The following two paragraphs are excerpts on what is available about Clearstream and the many claims and allegations made against that entity.

”Denis Robert accused “Le Monde” of deliberately suppressing articles and reviews of his book, suggesting that financial links between “Le Monde” and Deutsche Börse (which now owns 100% of Clearstream’s shares) were the cause of this censorship. Denis Robert was found guilty of libel and sentenced altogether 8 times by the French courts for describing Clearstream as a huge money laundering and tax evasion machine, used by major banks, shell companies, and organized crime all over the world. (Paris Court of Appeal, 16, October 2008, 18 December 2008, Tribunal correctionnel de Bordeaux, June 2008). He has been cleared of all charges in February 2011 by the Cour de Cassation. [10]

Another belief of Denis Robert’s book is that, according to the May 9, 2001 op-ed by Bernard Bertossa,attorney general in Geneva, Benoît Dejemeppe, king’s attorney in Brussels (procureur du roi), Eva Joly, investigative magistrate in Paris, Jean de Maillard, magistrate in Blois and Renaud van Ruymbeke, a judge in Paris, entitled “The ‘black boxes’ of financial globalization,” is that:

“The chaos of financial flux is only an appearance. Of course, offshore banks and tax havens perfectly hide the points of arrival and of transit of dirty capital. It is even their reason of existence (raison d’être). Trying to find the illegal money flux in those offshore centers is hopelessly doomed… However, since capital from criminal origin pass in the same financial ‘pipes’ as other ones [legal funds], i.e., clearing and financial routage companies, they become vulnerable precisely during their transfer [in those clearing companies].” [12]

In other words, all financial money flows, legal or illegal, have to pass through the financial system.

I trust you noted that the claims that Clearstream had been slandered and libeled were held to be without merit as of the ruling in February 2011 in Paris Court of Appeals.

I cannot get into it in this article, but will in Part 4. There are in fact criminal elements putting funds through Clearstream. The Wikipedia website named some of them, but what is more interesting is the entire list of over 38,000 customers that have accounts at Clearstream. That is a totally separate matter and story, and now part of the larger investigation.

I am very aware of SWIFT and why it joined the Global Crossing network to have direct access to 227 financial centers in the world. It took a while to fully understand how that network was also an US / CIA / NSA objective of pushing spying and even financial market manipulation right to the doorstep of every nation connected to it.

Isn’t American Democracy grand? Open up those doors and let the spies and thieves into the door.

What has just come out and is now in the hands of multiple investigative reporters is how Clearstream has continued to use secret accounts and secret movements of huge amounts of money. If you have kept up with the Iran sanctions, there is $2 billion of Iranian funds being held by Clearstream in a Citibank account according to sources.

”Clearstream is allegedly holding $2 billion in Iranian funds in a Citibank account. Since 2008, these funds have been ordered frozen by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, and are intended for use to pay the families of hundreds of US Marines killed and injured in a 1983 Beirut bombing that a US federal judge ruled was orchestrated by Iran, according to the Wall Street Journal.[38][39]

In January 2013, the U.S. Treasury Department assessed Clearstream a $152 million fine for attempting to hide the Iran holdings by disguising the source.[40]

The following is not part of this direct story but is a comment about their constant harassment of Iran. There are many unanswered questions about the Marine barracks bombing in Beirut, including Israel not being honest with the US about what they had intelligence on:

They did the same damned thing regarding 9-11-2001, half-assed intelligence information along the lines of ‘uh, something is going to happen’. You will understand that more when you read Part 4 of this series and many already have a copy of this and the Part 4 including investigative journalists and law enforcement.

This pushing of the global financial network, supposedly due to world peace and desire for more efficient markets is pretty much consistent with the objectives of the Fascist Zionist Neocons and why they wanted Global Crossing in the first place. Same basic message of freedom, liberty and democracy until the locals see what came to town. Most had no idea that the reality was a form of Mafia was coming along with the pretense of democracy, freedom and liberty.

I had not heard of Cedel International so did some digging as to who might have been behind that group. I have been aware for many years that Clearstream is a back channel that is not as obvious as SWIFT and the legitimate settlements between persons, corporations, banks and even nations. When not legitimate, black, evasive, Clearstream appears to be the network of choice and through enough inquiry would tie back to Wall Street, London, Frankfurt, CIA, NSA and who knows how many more alphabet agencies. It also ties back to Washington, D.C.. I learned a lot in evaluating the takeover bid on Global Crossing in their Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

This is available on the US version of Cedel International LLC, which was formed after the Deutsche Boerse/Cedel International S.A. was a distant memory. For most people, is not a memory at all since they have never head of Cedel International S.A.

From Wikipoedia on the“black box” of Cedel:

”Cedel International Investment LLC (“Cedel”), led by financier Mr. Eligio Cedeño, is engaged in a wide variety of business investments in North America, Canada, Central and South America. Established in 2009, Cedel is based in Miami, Florida. Mr. Cedeño, CEO of Cedel LLC, is a national of Venezuela who arrived to the United States in December 2009. In 2011, the United States citing the Chavez Regime’s unlawful persecution of and politically motivated detention of Mr. Cedeño granted him political asylum.

Cedel shares its roots in Venezuela. In 1994, during one of Venezuela’s worst financial crisis, Eligio Cedeño founded Cedel Brokerage House to provide advisory services to private investors and corporations during the economic crisis. Under his leadership, Cedel Brokerage House and its clients thrived. Within fifteen years, Cedel Brokerage House was recognized as one of Venezuela’s leading brokerage firms. Mr. Cedeño leveraged Cedel Brokerage House’s success to acquire ownership shares in Caracas Bank and Canarias Bank, and become the sole owner of Bolivar Bank (Bolivar Banco) and BanPro Bank. Once again utilizing his business acumen, Mr. Cedeño converted these banks into high-growth, profitable businesses. Mr. Cedeño brings this record of business success and experience to serve as the foundation for Cedel and its investment clients.

See more here.

Founded: 2009

Headquarters: Miami Springs, FL

Description: Cedel International Investment LLC (“Cedel”), led by financier Mr. Eligio Cedeño, is engaged in a wide variety of business investments.

That one block of information on who Cedel is suggests to me that he may have well been part of the CIA actions that USA was taking for regime change against Hugo Chavez. When these oil and natural gas types focus on large reserves they sort of develop an incurable case of ‘Oil on the Brain’.

Also note that one of the main points of contention between Venezuela and the US is the oil from Venezuela was being denominated in Euros and sold without reliance of the US petrodollar. That there would be direct links between Venezuela and Europe is not hard to understand when the Euro oil sales are factored in.

I know for quite some time the Austria energy company OMV was purchasing from Venezuela, shipping it to their refinery in Romania, processing and shipping gasoline and diesel back to Venezuela while the USA was trying to bludgeon that nation into submission regarding their oil being under US control, not Russia/Venezuela control.

On the Eastern front in Europe, one of the Italy regulators has intervened in a recent shareholder meeting of one of the Italy banks cited above and made it clear that investigations are in progress to shut down this financial accounting fraud and evasion of taxes. I think Clearstream and even its link to Global Crossing is about to be under full investigation, and of course we will see many trying to block that.

It will be the usual cast of characters that want inquiry blocked, quashed or hope it just goes away.

Seems some banksters and others have been discovered and actions are being taken. Global Crossing was and is all about finance, trading networks, clearing funds, and that part of their network
the US Department of Justice did not even know about until recently.

Just as DOJ is revving up on this (maybe) the acting head of DOJ Criminal Division announced she was leaving.

Feb 26, 2014 – The acting head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Mythili Raman, is planning to leave the department next month after 18 years as a federal prosecutor.

I sent them the information many months ago about the ‘trading networks’ that Wall Street and others wanted and DOJ had never heard of them. They are in my book, maybe DOJ needs to get a copy and see what they have missed since George W Bush took office in 2001.

Global Crossing, secret trading networks, proprietary trading networks, and Clearstream are in fact connected and were part of the reason some were willing to perpetrate securities fraud to get it built on the backs of other people and then push them aside.

In 2001 and 2004 an insider released a list of 38,000 banks and entities that have accounts at Clearstream. That many of them do not disclose who the account belongs to is a matter that needs to be cleared up right now. There are over 17,000 undisclosed accounts.

I was the high bidder in the US Bankruptcy Court to take over Global Crossing. I know what this network is and why it was built. More on that in Part 4, for more of ‘the rest of the story’.

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