UN Human Rights Council

Bad day: More fallout for Israel’s war on Gaza

“Israel” have been used to unconditional support, thanks to the Jewish-owned and dominated media, the numerous Jewish lobbies and of course access to all raw data collected by the American NSA which gave it plenty of blackmail material with which to use in order to ensure that support by members of governments worldwide. But though it still receives the spying data, political discourse and media coverage have changed. And outside of the protection of its patron, America, a commission of inquiry has been initiated by the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to investigate war crimes in Gaza. But also unlike in the past, “Israel’s” application of pressure wasn’t able to skew the odds in its favour in the selection of persons on that commission.

And heavy pressure and wheedling was exerted by both “Israel” and its patron, the US, though both failed. The head of the commission, Canadian international lawyer William Schabas, has been accused by “Israel” of ‘bias’ against it. This of course it categorically untrue, but typical accusatory inversion. Now it begins a public relations offensive for both internal and international consumption that aims to discredit the idea of an investigation, the UNHRC, and the character and qualifications of those on the commission.

In addition, Yedioth Ahoronoth has reported that in an attempt to pre-empt the commission of inquiry by the UNRC, former “Israeli” ambassador to America, Michael [Borenstien] Oren suggested that “Israel” set up its own commission. This was suggested because it can cherry-pick data and create its own report to show that it has committed no wrongdoing. Again, this is typical of “Israel” and its Jews: committing shocking acts of violence and inhumanity, investigating themselves and proclaiming that Jews have done no wrong and anyone who says they did are just persecuting Jews, even in the face of photographic, video, or physical evidence of wrongdoing.

So the UNHRC is set. But that is not the full extent of the recent shift in public and diplomatic discourse.  South Africa has stated that it will prosecute any of its citizens that travel to enlist and fight in an alien country’s military per the new Regulation of Foreign Military Assistance Act. And the Times of London reports that South Africa’s former president Thabo Mbeki has called for a boycott of Israeli goods.

In the crucial battle for hearts and minds, especially of the Americans, “Israel” is not just struggling, but losing. The media there have openly criticised it, using language totally foreign and atypical, such as horrors, massacres, and bloodletting. The journalists who fawn over “Israel” and act as its stenographers are being skewered and brought to the carpet by an increasingly frustrated public that is becoming sick of the lack of ethics in American media.

Sick Jewish advert blaming their victims
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And in another show of utter tasteless, tacky, and alarmingly ahistorical hubris, the Guardian ran an ad paid for by sympathetic well-known Jews lambasting Palestinians and claiming that “Jews gave up child-sacrifice 3000 years ago” and blamed the deaths of the almost 2000 persons in Gaza on… the civilians and the dead themselves. While these Jews apparently thought that it would help to turn public opinion back firmly on the side of “Israel”it has actually, and predictably, had the opposite effect. It has further shown the world just how cynical, dishonest and bloodthirsty Jews both in Israel and abroad actually are. Thousands of angry good and decent people who were shocked at the appalling advert have signed petitions and written letters to the editor expressing their outrage. The mask is truly off, and we see how they really are.

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