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Israeli laments lack of inventiveness in torturing Palestine

“Israel” is bemoaning the lack of military victory over Palestinian resistance, despite the mechanised, high-tech American-donated armaments. The armament industry in “Israel” itself is big business. It takes armaments other countries have invented and changes them a bit, repackages them, tests them out of Gaza and then stamps them with “brand Israel.” This has been documented in “The Lab” and has been also published in “Israeli” media. But despite this, it still has no definitive military victory over Gaza, all the destruction of infrastructure and protected facilities notwithstanding. Great frustration is being expressed in the “Israeli” Jewish media that all the methods of torture and destruction of Gazans haven’t weakened Hamas or Palestinians in general and this is due to a “lack of creativity” on behalf of the military. Amazing.

Michael Bar-Zohar in Yedioth Ahronoth today has quite the cranky message: The IDF has lost its creativity.

But that same creativity faded away somewhere between the first Lebanon War and these days. Now we see creativity and original thought in technological initiative – the Iron Dome, Arrow, David’s Sling and Active Trophy defense systems, the tunnel detection plan which will bear fruit soon, and the targeted assassinations through electronic means, like the killing of Hamas commander Ahmed Jabari, which launched Operation Pillar of Defense.

But the military operations are being run in a rather routine manner, and the brilliant ideas have disappeared.

Destroying people’s homes hasn’t worked. The bombardment by air, sea and tanks hasn’t worked. The “leaflets” warning civilians to flee their homes before the IOF destroyed their neighbourhoods only tipped off Palestinian resistance which then led the IOF into ambushes and booby-trapped buildings. Many tanks have been destroyed, many Jewish “soldiers” have been killed (far higher than the military censor will allow to be published or admitted) and over 500 seriously wounded.

In short, “Israel” once again is being utterly humiliated by what it considered a ‘rag-tag’ bunch of rebels, but now it admits are much more like an army, though with no American-donated machinery. Its ingenuity incenses the military state: it has been outshone, out-matched and outdone.

Ben-Zohar laments why the “head of the snake” (borrowing the phrase from Golda Meir and echoing genocide-advocate MK Ayalet Shaked) and assassinating Hamas leaders? It worked for the Black September group, he says, so why not now? The “wierd parade of experts” on “Israeli” television are obviously incorrect, because they daily extol the might and success of the IOF and its accomplishments, that Hamas is broken and the people of Gaza hate Hamas more daily. Even to him, that is obviously untrue.

And while Bar-Zohar wonders why, why, why, it’s clear that there is a creeping understanding that the machine-heavy experience-light military cannot militarily defeat Palestinian resistance. That’s the problem with Jewish supremacism and hasbara. Both are obviously deluded and detached from reality.

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