Violent Jewish settler colonists torched Palestinian's van 10 Aug in Yasuf near Tapuach Junction

Violent Jewish settler-colonists torch Palestinian vehicle

Violent Jewish settler colonist committed a terrorist attack in a Salfit area village of Yasuf, setting a Palestinian’s vehicle alight and leaving Jewish-supremacist hate messages behind, like a dog “marking” its territory. Except it isn’t Jewish “Israeli” territory, it is within the State of Palestine, hence the vicious uncivilised behaviour. This is settler-colonist violence being called a “Price tag” terrorist attack though no mention is made of the reason for it. typically these terrorist attacks are revenge for something: some slight, some Palestinian not submitting enough to Jewish oppression within Palestine, or perhaps the illegal settler-colony being ruled by the “Israeli” court as being illegal. Whatever the reason, these terrorists are typically not even investigated much less held to account because the government of “Israel” approve, being Jewish supremacist themselves.

10 August, 2014 Ma’an English
A group of Israeli settlers on Sunday torched a Palestinian vehicle in the central West Bank village of Yasuf east of Salfit in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian security sources told Ma’an that the attackers infiltrated the village from the nearby illegal settlement of Tappuah.

The sources added that they poured fuel on a minibus belonging to Atalah Yasin Jufa and set it ablaze, causing serious damage.

The attackers also sprayed racist “price tag” slogans on the walls near the vehicle before they fled the scene.

Fire fighters from Salfit civil defense arrived and put out the fire.

Yasuf is surrounded on all sides by settlements — including the massive Ariel block — and areas under Israeli military control.

“Price tag” is the term given by Israeli settler extremists to refer to attacks randomly targeting Palestinian civilians.

The attacks are often committed in retribution for any perceived slight against the settlement enterprise, including decisions made by the Israeli government or other political actors.

Price tag attacks often target individual Palestinians’ property as well as Christian and Muslim religious sites, and hundreds occur every year.

They are rarely punished by Israeli authorities, particularly when they occur in the West Bank.

More than 500,000 Israeli settlers live in settlements across the West Bank and East Jerusalem, in contravention of international law.

The internationally recognized Palestinian territories of which the West Bank and East Jerusalem form a part have been occupied by the Israeli military since 1967.

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