Maldives: man holding up Jewish military state flag - KILLER.

Israel’s mask is slipping, losing friends

After the “communication problems” put a quick end to a phone call between American Secretary of State John Kerry and “Israeli” Prime Minister Netanyahu (read: one hung up on the other), the two haven’t spoken since according to the Jerusalem Post. As the true barbarous Jewish supremacist, Gentile-hating nature of “Israel” is laid bare for all the world to see, it is causing us to shed our illusions that it was ever civilised. It is losing friends – friends it desperately needs. It has been excluded from high-level international meetings regarding its savage war on Gaza, making clear that it is not the powerhouse it believed itself to be. It knows it will be dragged before the ICC in the Hague, and despite disrespecting and betraying its patron America on a routine basis, begs those same to protect it from the consequences of its war crimes. But that isn’t all.

Besides its savagery and blood-lust at killing innocents in Gaza, it has become clear to the world that “Israel” -despite the pleasing noises its president and prime minister make during press conferences- is totally committed to denying Palestinian Statehood. it is a little late for that since Palestine declared Statehood in 1988 and has been recognised by the majority of the world. But Jerusalem Post also reports that the second highest ranking member of Netanyahu’s Likud party, Gideon Sa’ar, who is himself considered a viable candidate for prime minister, declared at a conference recently that the “lesson” that “Israel” must take away from this debacle is that it must not ever “allow” a Palestinian state to form. The statement is unsprising since the Likud charter explicitly states it is categorically against Palestinian statehood. But it is just another signal to not only the people of the world but the governments that represent us that “Israel” are inherently dishonest, a bad actor, a rogue terrorist state of Gentile-hating Jewish-supremacists that believe in the rule of might, not of law.

The opprobrium from decent governments around the world is growing. The majority of Latin America have recalled their ambassadors and/or cut ties with “Israel” completely. Nicaragua’s president, Daniel Ortega, considers Netanyahu “appears to be possessed by the Devil,” and requires an exorcism by the Holy Father, Bolivia declared it a “terrorist state” and cancelled visa waivers, Venezuela offered to care for wounded Gazan children and orphans, Chile cancelled trade negotiations. Maldives has declared an official boycott, Argentina will revoke the citizenship of any Argentinian who joins the “Israeli” military. And the fallout isn’t limited to Latin America: South Africa warned it may prosecute any of its citizens who join “Israel’s” military.  Other countries have stopped arms imports to “Israel” such as Spain, and others are reviewing and considering it, and ironically “Israel” has cancelled its own arms sales to Russia over it. Being an arms exporter, that further damages the “Israeli” economy.

The media coverage and political discourse has changed as well, despite the traditional exertion of influence of Jewish pressure groups and lobbies, as well as the Jewish ownership and domination of western media.

It is commonly believed that sanctions on “Israel” won’t work because its patron, America, will veto any resolution in the Security Council to protect it, which is true. But most forget that any country can individually enact its own sanctions totally outside of the auspices of the UN, and there isn’t anything America can do to stop it, except apply diplomatic pressure and its own sanctions in retaliation. But that would of course backfire.

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