Khuza'a destruction

Gaza: numbers give perspective

We compiled a list of numbers on the devastation wrought on Gaza here, but others have compiled lists of numbers as a comparison to previous wars on Gaza, which is helpful in seeing the true barbarity of “Israel.” And taking in the totality of what it has destroyed, it is clear that it not only wants to make Gaza un-livable, but wants to erase Gaza’s history as well. Out of revenge for its inability to defeat Palestinians’ spirit, its inability to force them all out of historic Palestine, its inability to defeat Palestinian resistance in the field of battle, it wants to erase the evidence that Gaza existed long before there was an Abraham, long before there were any Hebrew tribes. Gaza City is one of the oldest continually-inhabited cities in the world! “Israel” has destroyed not only homes, but schools and mosques as well. But it will find that it still cannot defeat the spirit of Palestinians or Palestinian resistance.

7 August, 2014 The Economist

During Israel’s last Gaza offensive in November 2012 we ran a brief statistical summary to illuminate some aspects of the conflict. As Israel and Hamas take a breather from fighting a month after Israel’s launch of Operation Protective Edge, it seems like a good moment to take note again of some salient numbers:

1. Population of Israel: 8.16m [Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics]

2. Population of Gaza: 1.76m [Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics]

3. GDP per person of Israel in dollars: $38,000 [Wikipedia]

4. GDP per person of Gaza in dollars: $876 [Washington Institute for Near East Studies, 2010 figure]

5. Population density of Israel, per square kilometre: 392 [CIA]

6. Population density of Gaza, per square kilometre: 4,822 [Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics]

7. Lethal radius of standard 2,000lb bomb in metres: 366 [Wikipedia]

8. Maximum ordnance payload of Israeli F-16 aircraft: 6,800kg []

9. Maximum payload of biggest rockets fired from Gaza (M302): 144kg [IDF]

10. Payload of most common Qassam missile: 9kg [IDF]

11. Number of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel from July 8th to August 5th: 3,360 [IDF]

12. Number of Israelis killed by rockets from July 8th to August 5th: 2 + one foreign national [IDF and press reports]

13. Number of Israelis killed by rockets in previous 18 months: Nil [Wikipedia]

14. Kill ratio of Palestinian rocket fire during Operation Protective Edge: 0.000953%

15. Number of rockets intercepted by Iron Dome missile defence system: 584 [IDF]

16. Number of Israeli strikes on Gaza from July 8th to August 5th: 4,762 [IDF]

17. Total Israeli deaths during Operation Protective Edge: 67 [IDF]

18. Total Palestinian deaths from July 8th to August 5th: 1,938 [Palestinian Centre for Human Rights]

19. Proportion of Gaza population killed per 1,000 people: 1

20. Proportion of Israeli population killed per 1,000 people: 0.008

21. Number of Palestinian children killed by Israeli fire: 460 [Palestinian Centre for Human Rights]

22. Total Palestinians injured: 9,567 [Ministry of Health, Gaza; UNRWA]

23. Number of Palestinian homes destroyed or seriously damaged: 10,690 [UN]

24. Number of Palestinians displaced by fighting/lost homes: 485,000 [UN]

25. Proportion of civilian to military deaths among Israelis: 4.5% [IDF]

26. Proportion of civilian to military deaths among Palestinians: 70-85% [Ministry of Health, Gaza; UN; independent NGOs]

27. Proportion of civilian to military deaths among Palestinians: 50% [Israeli government]

28. Total number of civilians in Gaza killed by Israeli fire since 2000: 5,000+ [Palestinian Centre for Human Rights]

29. Number of Americans who would have died given similar death rate: 990,000+

30. Tunnels from Gaza located and destroyed by Israeli forces: 32 [IDF]

31. Total estimated cost of building tunnels: $30m [IDF]

32. Direct cost to Israel of Operation Protective Edge: $1.7 billion [Israeli Channel 2 TV]

33. Estimated cost of restoring services and reconstruction in Gaza: $6 billion [Palestinian government minister, quoted in news reports]

33. Proportion of respondents to online poll, by Israel’s most popular TV channel on August 3rd, who say the best birthday gift for Barack Obama would be peace in the Middle East: 20% [Israeli Channel 2 TV]

34. Proportion of respondents to Israeli poll who say the best birthday gift for Barack Obama would be the Ebola virus: 48% [Israeli Channel 2 TV]

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