Cameron and Hague with Polak of CFI

Israel, Jewish groups fear truth in UK

“Israel” has a hasbara (propaganda) machine that is well-oiled, well-funded and has infiltrated all Western countries, media and university campuses, and has think-tanks as well as is able to harness the Jewish community groups to exert pressure on governments. But this propaganda and pressure can only go so far. In the past these Jewish pressure groups would donate generously to political parties in exchange for fealty and favours later on. And when it didn’t materialise or a member stepped out of line by using a term that made Jews uncomfortable (read: not putting them and “Israel” above all other considerations, particularly the country in whose government they are in), the propaganda machine and pressure groups spring into action.

We’ve all witnessed the demonisation of those who aren’t sufficiently subservient to this tiny segment of the population: smear campaigans impugning the individual’s character, distortions and outright lies, coordinated pressure to have the person censured by their party or fired from their post. It is most unseemly and decent people resent it very much.

But something has changed lately. Too much truth is being told in the UK and other Western countries. Too many of the population are objecting to “Israel’s” wholesale slaughter of Gazans and the wrecking of their infrastructure. We see it as repellent, despicable and utterly indefensible. It is untenable that our governments support this catalogue of atrocities and blatant violation of international laws and general decency. “Israel” does not get a pass because there Jews there.

And so the Jewish pressure groups and the propaganda machine have sprung into action once again. The Jewish media (meaning publications catering to Jews, as opposed to the Jewish-owned and dominated media targeted at us Gentiles) is lamenting the full-throated support it once was able to enforce within governments. It is decrying how the world (read: all of us Gentiles; we make up 99.9% of the world) are so mean and cruel to them that we do not support their awful crimes. It is demanding a massive coordination of Jews everywhere to rise to the occasion and force our governments to support “Israel” because it knows that the ICC loometh, whether or not it chooses to cooperate with the investigation.

In fact, senior military leaders and a team of barristers in “Israel” and the sayanim worldwide are already formulating a legal defense for war crimes. And, as “Israel’s” Channel 24 reports, the propaganda machine is already gearing up for a major coordinated diplomatic and public relations offensive in all Western countries to attempt to convince us and our governments that the blatant war crimes committed in Gaza by “Israel” weren’t their war crimes: we should take “Israel’s” side and blame its victims and take them to the Hague!

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