Gaza - resistance factions address

Gaza: Truce over, no agreement reached, bombs falling again

They are having a hard time letting go of their captive and oppressed population. Those in power typically do not want to relinquish it, so freedom must be taken by force. The requirements presented to “Israel” in order for a long-term (10-year) ceasefire were simple, reasonable, logical and most importantly, in line with international law. “Israel’s” blockade (or siege, if you prefer) is illegal, as is the occupation of the ‘West Bank’ and all of al-Quds/Jerusalem. Negotiations in Cairo did not go well, as “Israel” was employing its Talmudic negotiation strategy and, as always, negotiating in bad faith. Towards the end of the ceasefire, it -also typical– employed a ‘false-flag’ attack on itself to get out of the negotiations. It has a history not only of doing things in bad faith, but for false flag attacks. So the bombs are falling once again.

The world has learned not to trust anything the government or military of “Israel” say, and is starting to learn that Palestinian resistance factions are much more honest because it has no reason to lie, just like it has no reason or wish to attack or fight civilians.

So, the Palestinian resistance delegation negotiating in Cairo put forth the following reasonable demands: end the blockade, rebuild international airport and seaport, open the crossings for free movement of people and goods, Palestinian fisherman be able to fish in Palestine’s territorial waters, release the Palestinians in custody that had previously been released, create a safe crossing between Gaza and the ‘West bank,’ and rebuild Gaza. Quite simply: end the siege. In response, “Israel” stated that the border crossing in Rafah with Egypt is a Palestinian-Egyptian issue, but it would ease the border crossing at Eretz; it refused the airport and seaport and to release prisoners it had released (according to a previous agreement upon which it reneged).

A statement from the Palestinian side follows:

Hamas leader Izzat Rishq: Up to this moment he Palestinian delegation has not received the Israel’s response to any of our demands. There is no open-ended commitment to the ceasefire and we will protect Gazans with all our power. Israel is eluding, wasting time and bears full responsibility for the failure to reach a ceasefire agreement. there is no response to any Palestinian demand which prevented extension of the truce and Israel bears responsibility for consequence.

Khaled al-Batsh: We are in Cairo in order to achieve the rights of our people, our goal is to stop the aggression and lift the siege. Egypt asked that Rafah crossing will be under the control of the Palestinian Authority and this matter asked yesterday.

Sami Abu Zuhri: Israeli paper that handed over to the Palestinian delegation does not satisfy any of our demands. The resistance factions keep all options open with not shut the door to find a solution through negotiations Cairo. the paper that handed to the delegation from Egypt is not the lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, but the opening of (Kerem Shalom) and (Erez) crossings but our perception of the lifting of the blockade goes far beyond these two crossings.

Previously, Palestinian resistance has notified “Israel” that it is capable of and prepared to wage a war of attrition. It is able and willing to shut down the airport and the economy of “Israel” until the siege is lifted. This makes “Israel” quite desperate as it cannot afford a war of attrition, its economy is already suffering, so it is back to committing war crimes in Gaza, attacking prohibited targets and protected facilities and undefended dwellings.

Attacks in Gaza, up to the time of this posting:

al-Zaytoun neighbourhood, Eastern Gaza, Hassouna family home & surroundings, Sheik Ahmed Yassin mosque

Rafah, Ahmed Oukal, 22 years old martyr. Drone targeted a group of civilians

Nuseirat – old Navy site targeted

al Maghazi refugee camp cemetery, injuries reported

Nuwairi family home, no injuries

Musabbah agricultural land, serious injury reported

Beit Lahiya

Jabaliya – 8 injuries reported, Suleiman house was targeted

East of Khuza’a – 2 airstrikes

IOF artillery shelling Northern Gaza Strip

Beit Hanoun and Shujaiya – shelling

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