UN school in Jabiliya during attack 30 July

As ICC case looms, Israel panicking and preparing its defense

According to published reports, Prime Minister Netanyahu implored a delegation of “Israel-firster” lawmakers from America to help keep his country out of the ICC. No doubt the contingent of willing traitors will do their utmost to accommodate him. Meanwhile the military of his country is said to be “gearing up” for the imminent war crimes case at the Hague.

International jurists and legal scholars have already weighed in, and the verdict is that yes, “Israel” has indeed committed war crimes against Gaza.

Riyad al-Maliki has met with the prosecutor of the ICC and it is extremely likely that the State of Palestine will finally accede to the Rome Statute in the near future, thus giving the Court jurisdiction and allowing Palestine to file a case. The UN Human Rights Commission on 24 July voted to establish an investigation to allegations of war crimes committed during this latest genocidal project on Gaza.

This of course has “Israelis” panicking. According to the New York Post, Netanyahu has met with a delegation of American “Israel-first” lawmakers and made his case to them as to why they and their country must help him and his country avoid justice for their crimes. Simultaneously, the military is preparing a defense for crimes they know they committed.

Jerusalem Post, citing Israel Radio, reports today:

The Israel Defense Forces high command has begun to make preparations for legal battles and anticipated war crimes charges in international forums. [sic]

Fearful of the growing international chorus demanding that IDF officers be tried for war crimes allegedly committed against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, senior military brass has ordered a comprehensive internal probe of the army’s actions during Operation Protective Edge.

The Foreign Ministry has not yet decided whether Israel should cooperate with a United Nations Human Rights Council commission that is expected to be set up in the coming days to investigate alleged war crimes in Gaza.

Senior diplomatic officials said that deliberations are currently underway in the ministry to decide whether Jerusalem should boycott this commission, as it did the Goldstone Commission in 2009, which found Israel guilty of war crimes for its actions during the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.”

Israel Radio reported yesterday that “unnamed sources” in the Foreign Ministry advised Netanyahu not cooperate with any investigation. Conflicting reports are common, and having committed blatant war crimes, it is no wonder that “Israel” will attempt to stonewall, hedge, shriek about “anti-semitism,” “Jew-hatred,” bring up guilt for World War II or anything it possibly can to avoid being brought up on war crimes charges at the Hague and be held accountable.

This time, even the Americans cannot save them.

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