Lady is overcome and weeps at destruction of her neighbourhood

Utter absurdity of requiring Gaza be “disarmed”

“Israel” is considered still the occupying Power of Gaza, though it typically has no “soldiers” stationed inside Gaza Strip. In international law  “Territory is considered occupied when it is actually placed under the authority of the hostile army. The occupation extends only to the territory where such authority has been established and can be exercised.” (Laws of War: Section III, Article 42). A siege: controlling all the ingress/egress, imports and exports, population registry and so on, constitute “effective military control” and therefore occupation. That the occupying power, who regularly assassinates citizens of the territory that it occupies, ‘counts calories,’ works to keep the economy of the territory at a level just above a ‘humanitarian disaster’ and makes war upon it repeatedly would demand that any reconstruction of the infrastructure that it intentionally destroyed, including homes, be linked to total disarmament is out of the Twilight Zone. It is absurd on its face, has no connection to international law and is simply the wish of the occupier to ensure that the population it so occupies is more vulnerable to its predations and more subservient and docile. It is, in a word, madness.

“Israel” is demanding that the reconstruction of buildings and civil infrastructure in Gaza be conditioned on the total disarmament of all Palestinian resistance. The hubris and insolence of that demand is almost too much for the sane mind to comprehend. If anything, this most recent genocidal project on Gaza has shown us, it is that Gaza should have more arms with which to protect the civilian population from “Israel” not less! And contrary to the obviously miscalculated machinations of “Israel,” this recent genocidal project on Gaza has cemented into the Palestinian people’s collective mind that resistance is not only necessary but the only means by which to effectively resist Jewish domination and oppression.

The arms the Palestinian resistance factions had stockpiled and manufactured (and see here), as well as the training and tightening up of command structure and operational security, actually forced the military state to withdraw without completing its objectives. The toy ‘soldiers’ of “Israel” could not win any battles with Palestinian resistance on the field.

Merkava tank downside up

Every time it sent in its “best” they were utterly routed, incurring many more deaths than are publicly admitted and hundreds of injuries. Those were numbers that not surprised only the military, but the Jewish public, and neither were able to bear more such losses.

And now that the supposedly  ‘superior’ American-donated military of “Israel” has not been able to accomplish its stated goals, and forced to retreat with only an ‘exit face’ rather than a genuine ‘victory face’ it wants to dictate the terms.  Of course it does. But that doesn’t mean that it will work out the way the government plan.

Analysis of IOF tweets - changing justification for war on Gaza

This demand is one in a long line of shameful demands  by spoilt “Israel,” so used to its patron America allowing it to get away, literally, with murder. It has not escaped the notice of the good people of the world (99.9% Gentile), and now the situation is being examined in a new way that eschews the old talking points and accepted narrative filtered through the compliant, sympathetic Jewish-owned and dominated media.

While the craven regime of Egypt are allies of the Jewish military state, they are also pragmatists. Caught between a public that supports Palestine and Hamas, and the wishes of the Americans and their client state (Egypt gets foreign aid monies from the Americans for cooperating with “Israel’s” siege of Gaza), it must walk a certain line. It was not happy to be publicly outed (neither was the corrupt and craven Saudi royal family) as allies of the Jewish military state, as that put it at odds with the populace. There are significantly more of the public than the Egyptian military, as there are in all the corrupt Arab countries. A fact, those regimes desperately hope the people don’t notice.

it is certain that Palestinians will not accept this new “Israeli” demand,and pressure is being put on all world governments to sanction or at least end exports of armaments to “Israel”. This means that the governments of the world now understand that the game has changed: no matter what blackmail material “Israel” may have, thanks to NSA sending all raw data to “Israel” directly, like Egypt and the other corrupt Arab regimes, there are more people in the populace than in the armies and government. And we, the people of the world who overwhelmingly back Palestine, demand that our governments no longer be beholden to what  “Israel” has the impudence to “demand.”

It is a new world dawning , one in which Palestinians will see a different face, and so will “Israel.”

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