Invaders carrying one of their wounded on stretcher

Dual citizenship and fighting in foreign armies

South Africa and Argentina have warned their citizens that they face prosecution for fighting in a foreign army, namely “Israel’s” army in its newest genocidal project on Gaza. Dual citizenship is problematic and can result in divided loyalties. If the two countries have a conflict it is a relevant question as to with which country does the dual-citizen’s loyalty lie. Fighting in the army of one country’s military in a hot war is quite another thing. This is the case with “Israel” and its many dual-nationals who become “Jewhadis” and come to join its military to kill Palestinians and oppress them in their own land. Both South Africa and Argentina have taken a correct stance, in my opinion, and the world would be well-served if “Israel’s” patron state, America, did the same.

Jews, especially Jewish thought- and language-police such as the laughably Orwellian named, “Anti-Defamation League” like to call it a ‘canard’ when honest and decent people raise the issue of dual loyalty with regards to Jews. But the situation is one of their own making. We are constantly told that Jews are tripartite creatures: Jews are a religious community, a ‘nation’ and a people. And “Israel” is the ‘national homeland’ of world Jewry. So how inappropriate, considering that, is it to ask the quite valid question about Jewish loyalty to any and every other country in the world in which they live?

We Gentiles, the 99.9% of the world, are told we are not allowed to think such things much less ask them aloud! But the question remains: If Jews are supposed to identify with “Israel” and it is their only natural homeland, then the country into which a Jew is born is necessarily not his or her homeland. And residing in such a country, that is, not Israel, is an imposition or a hardship he or she is enduring as it would be more natural for him or her to live in their ‘homeland’ of “Israel.”  The logic is inescapable, despite what the thought- and language-police screech at or demand from us.

Absent and outside of that thought- and language-policing, normal and sane people all wonder, and rightly so. There is something inherently abnormal and unpatriotic about going to a foreign country and serving in its military -especially when that person would refuse military service in the country into which they are born. Why would they risk their lives, or bodily injury to fight in a foreign country’s military? The issue of loyalty is also inescapable.

In the case of dual-citizenship also with regards to loyalty, is the issue of working within the government of the country into which one is born. In the United States, for example, President Obama’s former chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel, is a Jew who served in “Israel’s” military, but not the military of the United States. That cannot help but raise the issue of loyalty in normal sane people’s minds.

Michael Chertoff, the initial head of the US Department of Homeland Security, whose mother was an “Israeli” national  and whose father was a Rabbi, also had divided loyalties. This significance, especially in light of the position in the American government he held, cannot be overstated.

The high, medium and low ranks of the American government are filled with dual-nationals and “Christian zionists” who are taught that an overarching loyalty to “Israel” is essential to enter into enter Heaven, stemming the perversion that is the Dispensationalist doctrine.

But the infiltration doesn’t end in the United States. Nicolas Sarkozy, the former president of France, had “strong Jewish ethnic origins.” The current foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, the Jewish press outlet Algemeiner reports whose both parents were Jews who became “Marranos.” The Interior Minister, Manuel Valls,  shut down a comedian’s show on behalf of Jews.

The lobby groups for Jews and “Israel” attack anyone who doesn’t fall  into the Jewish line and support all the illegitimate actions of the Jewish military state. Intimidation, harassment, character assassination and direct threats to person and family are typical.

The fact that a person, of any religion or ethnic background, would volunteer in a foreign country’s military to assist that country in a military occupation, oppression and genocide of the population it occupies is shocking to the conscience of the Gentile world.

The questions raised about those both in government and outside, who support a foreign county above the one in which they are born, those who choose to enlist in a military of a country other than the one into which they were born are valid and timely. No amount of Jewish pressure groups and lobbies can erase these questions from good and sane people’s minds. No amount of screeching and misuse of the term ‘canard’ will change the facts. No one, other than Jews, volunteer in the military of a country into which they are not born, nor do they feel a loyalty to a foreign country over and above the loyalty to the country in which they are born.

So we must ask: is this healthy? Is this healthy for any country? Is this healthy for the populace of a country? What if every person in a country decided to volunteer in the military of some other country?

Why, we must ask, is it somehow acceptable for the members of one religious community/ethnic group to volunteer in the military of a foreign country, but not another? What makes this particular group “special?” Are they really special? Why are they more “special” than other groups? Why aren’t Hindus automatically given a pass and allowed to have loyalty to a foreign country and government, volunteer in a foreign military with nary a question asked?

The logical answer is that it isn’t healthy, it isn’t normal, and they are not special. It is unhealthy, abnormal and dangerous. And that is why dual-nationality should be ended and, for the good of all nations, it should be unlawful for a citizen to join the military of a foreign state.

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