Gaza - destruction. Picture-alliance/dpa

Fresh massacres in Gaza, desalination plant hit

As the “humanitarian ceasefire” ended “Israel” opened fire on a group of civilians in Rafah queued up to get some water, which is extremely scare in Gaza. Also, reports of a group of children who were playing on the roof of the Oweida family home were targeted and attacked. Two children dead, 5-y-o Amal Oweida and her brother 12-y-o Mohammed Oweida, with reports of critical injuries as well. Two children, Amal Eweeda, 5 & Mohammed Eweeda 12 were also killed. Additionally, a school shelter in Central Gaza is reportedly evacuating after receiving a phone call from invaders that they plan to shell the school and nearby mosque.

“Code Red” sirens are sounding all over Central “Israel.” There have been clashes in al-Issawiya and at the Qalandia checkpoint, with rubber bullets and tear gas being fired on Palestinians.

And there has been violence in Jerusalem, with a digger driver who was attempting to escape rocks being thrown at him by “Israeli” Jews while he was driving, wrecked into a bus after being shot to death by “Israeli” forces. His family’s home was then later surrounded by those same. This sparked protests around the West Bank and in Jerusalem, and “Israel” deployed it’s “soldiers” and police to various Palestinian areas and neighbourhoods inside “Israel” to quell likely protests after this cold-blooded murder. Reports also of one Jewish settler colonist being stabbed, and three being run over by a Palestinian, in addition to damage to a car.

This comes on Day 28 of its genocidal project, having caused at least $5 billion in damage to Gaza’s infrastructure, including homes, and having destroyed 108 mosques, including the al-Omari mosque which was historic.

The “Israeli” army has announced the end of its “anti-tunnel” [sic] operations. This appears to be the exit the military and politicians were looking for to save face from the disaster that this has been for “Israel.” Meanwhile it continued attacking agricultural land in Beit Lahiya, and undefended civilian homes in Rafah, the Duhir family home and that of Karam Mahrous, a nurse who was just murdered being the most recent.

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