Elderly man injured in Rafah. Jon Donnison

Gaza: 7th UNRWA School hit,10 dead 30 wounded

Israel is a rogue state that disregards international laws. Given the exact coordinates of all UNRWA facilities, its intentional shelling in the immediate vicinity of the school that was sheltering almost 3.000 internally displaced Gazans killed 10 and wounded 30.

3 August, 2014
Media report that overnight shelling of Rafah, which killed entire families – children, as they slept – hit the UNRWA school in Rafah, according to Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra. The school was sheltering almost 3.000 persons though the facility is only meant to hold 500, according to the UN. This is in fact a war crime as Israel is required to avoid civilian facilities and not target civilians.

IMEMC reports that “The victims, many of them children, were taken to the Kuwaiti hospital in Rafah, which was already filled well beyond capacity with the hundreds of people wounded by Israeli attacks in Rafah that began Friday with the bombing of a crowded market during what was supposed to be a humanitarian ceasefire.”

The morgue is overflowing to the point that the dead are being stored in vegetable refrigerators, ice cream freezers. Graves cannot be dug quickly enough to accommodate the requirements, and most places are not safe enough from maniacal Israeli aggression to dig graves and bury the dead.

Jason Burke relayed his account to the Guardian newspaper,

“I’m in Rafah in the south of the Gaza strip at the Rafah Preparatory A Boys school, a UN-run shelter. People here have told me that at around 10.30 this morning there was an explosion just outside the school gates.

“A group of children and some adults were buying sweets and biscuits from hawkers. Seven people were injured and are possibly dead, or seriously injured. We will get more information from the hospital shortly.

“There have been considerable air strikes overnight and this morning. Just outside the school, around eight metres from the school gates there is a deep penetration in the ground, which witnesses say is new. There is blood on the floor which is currently being washed away.

“There are more than 2000 people seeking refuge in this school, many of them from the east of Rafah where there has been very heavy bombing since Friday, with at least 100 people thought to have been killed in the last few days.”

Sunday’s attack on a school serving as a shelter for those who fled their homes in Southern Gaza. It is the seventh UNRWA school bombed by the Jewish military state since it began its genocidal project in Gaza on 8 July. Middle East Eye relays that, “It was the third time in 10 days that a UN school had been hit and came four days after Israeli tank shells slammed into a school in the northern town of Jabaliya, killing 16 in an attack furiously denounced by UN chief Ban Ki-moon as “reprehensible”.”

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