Hamas fighters in lines

Qassam: We don’t have Israeli soldier, likely killed by shelling

If there is one thing one can count on with Al Qassam Brigades, besides only fighting “soldiers” not women and children, it is that it take responsibility quickly and publicly when it has captured (not “kidnapped”) an enemy soldier. In this case, the Israeli “soldier” is not in its custody and it has no knowledge of his whereabouts. One must therefore conclude one of two things: 1) the “soldier” was killed by Al Qassam or Islamic Jihad fighters, or 2) there was an attempted capture and the Israelis implemented the “Hannibal directive” of killing its “soldier” to avoid his capture.

Middle East Eye explains, “A 72-hour humanitarian truce in the Gaza Strip that started at 8:00am (0500 GMT) on Friday collapsed when Israeli forces accused Hamas of abducting the officer and killing two others.”

As if killing invading military soldiers in a hot war is illegitimate!

But Al Qassam Brigades have publicly stated that they have no knowledge of the missing Jewish “soldier” nor is he in their custody.

“First: The Israeli occupation has exploited the ceasefire talks and carried out an overnight incursion into east of Rafah. Our fighters clashed with the invading Israeli soldiers at around 7 a.m. Friday, one hour before the scheduled ceasefire bid was expected to be put into effect. The Israeli fighting jets and artillery unleashed heavy fire on Palestinian civilians at 10 a.m., in a flagrant infringement to the terms of the truce under the pretext that a soldier has gone missing.”

“Second: We lost contact with the group of fighters who were present at the scene. We believe that all the members of this fighting group were killed in the Israeli strike along with the missing soldier if that group had really captured him.”

“Third: We, al-Qassam Brigades, have no information, whatsoever, about the issue of the missing Israeli soldier.”

“Fourth: We informed the mediators of the brokered humanitarian ceasefire that we cannot stop firing at advancing Israeli troops that have been moving into the Strip round-the-clock. Such incursions will inevitably trigger clashes.”

There is no evidence that the Israeli officer, identified as Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, is in anyone’s custody, only the accusation made by Israel. So once again, the pretext used by the Jewish military state is exposed as false and merely flimsy propaganda.

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