Brave Jewish soldier knee on the neck of unarmed Palestinian boy. Musaid Qawasma

Mass arrests in al-Khalil, East al-Quds

“Israel” certainly has its hands full. It’s losing in Gaza and the Palestinians in the ‘West Bank’ are rising up in defiance of the occupiers and oppressors. So its continuing the campaign of mass arrests in order to deter further vocal popular support for fellow Palestinians in Gaza, and to punish those who do so. Of course this strategy is unbelievably stupid, but that is no comfort to those who enter the Kafkaesque ‘administrative detention’ inside “Israeli” prisons. The uprising will continue.

31 July, 2014 PIC
At least 37 Palestinian citizens were rounded up by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) Thursday following a round of mass-abduction campaigns launched throughout different areas of the West Bank and Occupied Jerusalem.

The IOF arrested dozens of Palestinian citizens after having stormed civilians’ homes in Dura, Bani Naim, Beit Ummar, and Beit Kahel among many other neighborhoods in al-Khalil city, local sources told a PIC reporter.

Six more Ramallah youngsters were captured by the IOF invading troops following a series of incursions into Beit Rima, Birzeit, Senjel, and Khirbat Bani Harith.

The IOF broke into the family home of ex-detainee Walid Injas, released in Wafa al-Ahrar prisoner swap deal and exiled to Qatar.

Palestinian youths Mahmoud Qubha and Suleiman al-Azb were also rounded up by the IOF in Jenin.

Human rights sources confirmed that 16 Jerusalemites were captured by Israeli special and intelligence forces for having allegedly partaken in protests denouncing the kidnap and burning alive of Palestinian child Muhammad Hussein Abu Khudeir.

IOF attacks culminated in a series of arbitrary bullying procedures launched against Shufa’at natives, including punishment for trivial violations, wastewater spray, and abduction campaigns.

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