Gaza Live Blog: As darkness falls, so do the bombs

Typically the bombs fall faster and harder at night, partly to create more fear, and partially to hide the extent of the war crimes. Out of sight, and all that. I will post updates here as I monitor the situation in Gaza, from people who are there. I promise it will be shorter than last night’s! All times are approximate local times.

We’re ending our live blog here for the day and will resume tomorrow night.

7:00 am

  • Dier el Balah, central Gaza is under artillery shelling now from Israeli tanks
  • Israel’s UN Ambassador Calls for ‘Immediate’ Suspension of UNRWA Spokesman Chris Guinness for his compassion for the children and parents slaughtered when Israel attacked the UN school in Jabiliya
  • Fierce artillery shelling
  • The Americans have approved an emergency supply of ammunition and missiles to Israel (from a cache inside Israel, for this purpose)
  • Ha’aretz: The Israeli army will mobilize another 16,000 reservists, for a total of 86,000 so far.
  • The Israeli attack came on Omar Bin Al-Khattab Mosque next to the UNRWA school. 15 wounded, 2 critically, transferred to Hospital

6:00 am

  • Three explosions were heard East of Bureij, Maghazi in central Gaza Strip, likely has something to do with resistance fighting off the invaders.
  • Renewed Israeli bombardment on Gaza : warplanes by air and artillery bombardment by tanks and naval vessels
  • Gaza have been without electricity for the past 64 hours.
  • Continuous artillery shelling (non-location specific)

The lights you see are those who have generators, and using candles. There is very little fuel left in Gaza, and no power, not even to hospitals because Israel bombed the power plant -and when it was still limping along, bombed the fuel tank.

5:00 am

  • Israeli planes bomb farmland in Mount Al-rayes East Gaza
  • This should tell you how psychologically traumatised the children in Gaza are: “Farah” says, “Often, f16s arrive and keep bombing randomly this is why [we/I] feel unsafe . F16s sound while flying itself makes us freeze. I have been hearing Israeli bombs horrible sound since I was born (16yrs) and I still can get used to it. When I see a heavy cloud, the first thing comes to my mind is that it’s heavy smoke. When I hear a car passing quickly, the first thing comes to my mind is that it’s a rocket falling. When someone shuts the door firmly, the first thing comes to my mind is that it’s a bomb. You know, I started getting worried of being bombed because I share what happens in Gaza.”
  • fascinating tidbit from Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan,”The explosive material found inside UN schools was Phosphorus, HAMAS has no access to it, only Israel has!”
  • The loudest explosion of the night so far shook the northern end of the  Gaza seaport.
  • HUGE explosions reported by many in Gaza City
  • Israeli warplanes targeted a house belongs to Baraka family in Deir Al-balah.
  • “The muathin is asking people to pray at their houses. It’s really dangerous to get out of your house.” [Muathin: person who makes announcements broadcast from masjid (mosque) minaret]
  • GazaNow – Israeli Analyst: Nahal Oz operation “hit the credibility of the Israeli army, and contributed to the credibility of Hamas after confirmation of the accuracy of their story  in the video.”
  • Hospitals in Gaza are full. Bodies on the floor. Morgues are overflowing. No electricity. It’s a catastrophic situation according to the health sector.
  • Israel’s UN ambassador called for UNRWA spokesman Chris Guinness’  “immediate suspension” after he broke down while giving an interview on al-Jazeera regarding the Israeli attack on the 6th UN school in Jabaliya

4:00 am

  • Israeli aircraft bombed agricultural land near the mosque and surrounding the automobile market in the neighbourhood of Zaytoun
  • Al-Qassam Brigades publishes video warns the Zionist airline from flying over Gaza (sorry I don’t have link yet)
  • Renewed shelling of the Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahia, casualties taken to hospital
  • Massive explosion and the Muezzin went all quiet. Gaza City.
  • Violent clashes between Palestinian resistance the occupying army East of Al-Maghazi and Bureij camps
  • Israeli forces detain Mohammed Mohammed Salem Haribat from Dura district al-Khalil/Hebron, a prisoner editor spent over 8 years in Israeli jails
  • People in Jabalya appeal for ambulances to come… Israeli strikes hitting very hard
  • Very heavy shelling in residential areas of East Gaza City
  • The Argentine Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli Ambassador to accountability (?) to that country for the massacre in Gaza. No more impunity. Yes to life.
  • Heartbreaking vignette from Mohammed Omer (journalist): when her children sustained injury and no ambulances, she screams. no phones to call ambulance. she fainted and children r bleeding
  • Israeli tank shells are striking Shohda Aqsa Hospital in Deir al-Balah  in central Gaza Strip, at least 1 nurse is injured

3:00 am

  • Israeli military artillery resumed shelling areas in the east of Gaza City and the Jabaliya refugee camp
  • MoH: Israel has killed 1,363 Palestinians, & wounded 7,680 (as of 02.00 31 July local time)
  • 7 first aid centres were targeted, 27 medical centres were closed in the north of Gaza. 13 hospital were targeted, 3 completely closed. 9 ambulances were targeted directly by IOF fire.  The medical workers in Gaza lost = 31: 15 killed and 16 injured.
  • CPT: In Hebron now. Shadi Sider showing video evidence of the Israeli settlers breaking into Palestinian shops on Shuada St.
  • Update from Ministry of Health: Israel has killed three hundred and fifty children in “self-defense”
  • Alaa ِALqarra , a doctor, was martyred after the bombing on Khan Younis
  • Wounded from the Shujiaya market massacre still waiting their turn for surgery at Shifa hospital in Gaza City (and this is with 2 surgeries occurring in each operatory! -ed)
  • Massive attacks on east Gaza
  • Omar Al-Basheer the Sudanese president, ” I stand with and support the Palestinian resistance”
  • Israeli forces invade the Qarawat Bani Hassan in Salfit,  (West Bank) and clashes with the youths.

2:30 am

  • Clashes ongoing between Palestinian youths in Beitunia, Israeli occupation forces.
  • al-Qassam Brigades  announces an enemy soldier sniper is eliminated and still ongoing clashes
  • Ministry of Health:  9 ambulances were directly targeted by Israeli forces since the beginning of the assault on Gaza
  • 2 hours ago a mosque under construction was attacked with two missiles from an F16. Israel told fire brigades not to attempt to put the fire out.
  • Israeli warplanes targeted ( Hamoda ) family home in Beit Lahia north GazaStrip

2:00 am

  • Israeli forces have surrounded and closed Palestinian housing in the area of Bitunia
  • 6 Egyptian soldiers are dead and 12 injured so far as a targeting the Rafah crossing by Israeli shells.
  • Israeli warplanes targeted a home in Bei Lahia north Gaza Strip
  • Israeli artillery renewal shelling now on ( Al-qaria Al-Badawia ) in Beit Hanoun north Gaza

1:45 am

  • Riyad Al-Maliki denies signing Mahmoud Abbas on the Rome Convention to accede to the International Criminal Court.
  • Reshet Beit Hebrew site: Israeli delegation left Egypt now, suddenly
  • Now clashes between Palestinian Resistance & Israeli army in the east side of Gaza

1:00 am

  • Medical staff casualties: 31 (15 killed & 16 wounded).13 hospitals got damaged, & 3 got closed. 7 care centres & 8 ambulances got targeted.
  • Israeli artillery shelling heavily on Palestinians homes in Buraij refugee camp south Gaza
  • The telecommunications company said it would stop some of its machinery from 24 hours to 72 hours there is a flaw in the JAWWAL network which affects the transfer of news from Gaza
  • ***URGENT MESSAGE From MP Rawya Shawa in Gaza***
    Call from Gaza. Please circulate. Hoping for anyone to help wherever you are: Internet is back at this moment, but I don’t know how long? Spread with me and on behalf of the people of the Gaza Strip. We are without water and electricity. Therefore contact any responsible agency that cares about us to work towards providing steamships to stand on the shore of El Arish to provide the strip with electricity. We need 60-70 MW for now for hospitals, sewage and the lives of half a million people in Gaza city. Hope you will fight with us to provide such ships. Thank you from our hearts. 30 July, 2014 People reading, please contact relief & aid agencies. There is already humanitarian crisis. A baby girl who was cut from her 9 mo. pregnant mother (who died) DIED because Israel cut off electricity to Gaza.
    Baby Shaima in incubator
    They then bombed the power plant & fuel tank. Septic treatment can’t work without electricity; disease will spread quickly. Please call and try to get some help. Lives are at stake here.
    Red Cross, UNRWA, the UN Sec. General, anyone you can think of, that can possibly do something, please help.
  • After 24 days of aggression on Gaza: 1361 martyrs (killed) (315 child and 166 female and 58 elderly) 6.780 km. wounded (2307 children and 1529 male and 287 elderly)
  • Israeli artillery shelling heavily the east side of Jabalia refugee camp north Gaza

12:30 am

  • ISM Palestine: Settlers now on roofs in al-Khalil/Hebron aiming their guns at Palestinians
  • Shifa hospital, Gaza City: Here in the Operation Room patients are on the ground, all theatres are occupied (2 surgeries in each operating room). Serious injuries are in dozens. Those waiting for treatment are on the floors. Seriously overwhelmed.
  • IIT Turkey: Israeli helicopter targeted Israeli soldiers at Gaza Border by mistake. (IOF is in disarray & panicking due to losses -ed.)
  • Israel: Wounded soldiers to transfer clinic “Kfar Saba” because of overcrowding in hospitals in southern Israel that have been wounded soldiers in clashes with the Palestinian resistance in Gaza
  • Many injuries as result of Israeli warplanes bombing (Al-Haw) family home in Jabalia refugee camp north Gaza
  • Very strong statement on Israeli shelling of UN school by Ban Ki-Moon, UN Sec-Gen: “Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children.” [I]it was “repeatedly shelled by, from all accounts, by Israeli artillery.”
  • Police closed roads of Beit Hanina and Shufat and police cars everywhere! (al-Quds/Jerusalem)
  • Five Latin American countries withdraw envoys from Israel: Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, ElSalvador and now Bolivia

12:00 am 31 July

  • Heavy attacks on Northern-West Gaza by Israeli warships
  • 80 % of Cellular communications network now stopped working in Gaza Strip due to Israeli bombing/shelling
  • Israeli artillery shelling heavily the east side of Jabalia refugee camp north Gaza
  • Israeli warplanes targeted ( Abu Mohsin ) family home and destroy in Rafah south Gaza Strip
  • Israeli artillery shelling heavily on Palestinians homes in Maghazi refugee camp south Gaza
  • Hebrew Channel 2: “15 Israeli soldiers died when a bomb inside a tunnel in northern Gaza Strip, and Israel recognizes their deaths”
    Gaza death toll has been reached 1362 + 7677 injured medics said
  • Israel media: 70 injured soldiers have been “injured” just last night in Gaza… (there are undoubtedly more, military censor does not allow full disclosure)
  • Abbas has declared the entire Gaza Strip a “humanitarian disaster area”
  • Warplanes targeted (Katkt) family home Faloja area north Gaza
    Israeli soldiers and members of the Breslauer Hassidic sect dance and bless artillery shells.
  • Al-Qassam: In response to the massacres of Jabalya & Shojae’ya, Qassam Brigades fired Ofakim with 4 Grad missiles & Tel Aviv with 4 M75 missiles
  • Channel 10: IOF helicopter brought down during the fighting in Gaza
  • North and South Gaza are being heavily shelled, deaths reported in each area
  • South: Fayez Ahmed ‘Omar Abu’ oleyan, 21 died
  • Local sources: violent clashes broke out at Shu’fat and dumping more than 5 boxes of Molotov and fire crackers and stones at military Tower

11:00 pm

(Reads:The Palestinian Authority has decided to go to Rome to begin the trial of Israel internationally in the International Criminal Court)

  • Heavy clashes in Al Isaweyeh, al-Quds/Jerusalem. Israeli soldiers using Live ammunition
  • Blasts reported in Tal al-Hawa neighbourhood, Gaza
    Mosque destroyed in Khan Younis city
  • Injuries reported at the home of the family of Abu Khadija in Bani Suhaila village West of Gaza City
  • One civilian killed in bombing in Jabaliya camp, Northern Gaza Strip
  • al-Qassam fired 5 Grad rockets at the Zionist stronghold of Ashkelon “in response to the massacres in Shujaiya and at the UNRWA school”
  • Two Israeli “soldiers” killed upon entering booby-trapped house in Khan Younis.

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