Gaza: Israel still bombing during ‘ceasefire’

The invaders have bombed three residential towers during its so-called ‘ceasefire’: Al -Jondi, Dawoud and Al-Helo, in addition to its new massacre in the crowded market in Shujaiya, which has resulted in many traumatic limb amputations. 7 have been murdered in Khan Younis, 4 of which are from the same family.
Names of some of the dead in Khan Younis: 1. Abdullah Fayaz Fayyaz, 23; 2-soel valid safety 23; 3. Ibrahim Yousef Al-Astal, 35.

Israeli artillery shelling targets Alnusierat and Alburij refugee camps.

5 members of al-Batsh family have been killed, that’s the one that already had 20 killed. Mr. al-Batsh was the police chief.

Death toll rises to 1322, injuries top 7500.

Resistance has responded to IOF aggression by targeting configurations of tanks near Shujaiya (killed some and wounded other “soldiers”), as well as Mt. Surani, east of Jabiliya, and karem Abu Salem. 3 invader “soldiers” have been killed, 25 injured (per invader’s media). They will continue to stop the invaders, protect Gaza and cause very high mortality and damage to the invading “soldiers” and their oppressive, occupying state.

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