Flares over Gaza City 28 July. Monica Eug

Live Updates Gaza: As night falls, intense bombardment resumes

After revelations confirming that Israel is losing and is the party that desires a ceasefire, its military resumes heavy bombardment of civilians in Gaza. Gun boats are heavily shelling the coast, whilst the North is being pounded by airstrikes. Gaza remains without power, mostly without any water, and in the overflowing shelters, without food either. The Ministry of Interior of Gaza has announced that despite assurances, Egypt has refused for patients with serious complications to have passage through the Rafah crossing.

Day 23 Anadolu infographic
Day 23 Anadolu infographic

Keep this in mind as you see the destruction wrought below:

We end live updates at this point, but you can keep updated with the twitter feed on the right. More destruction and casualties are sure to follow, as the bombardment continues all night. Fresh horrors await in the morning.

3:00 am

2:30 am


One ambulance crews were in place targeting mosque Sousi West (I take that to mean the ambulance crew were hit as well as the mosque. -ed)

Yedioth Ahronoth (Israeli): “IDF: Either we go further in or back out now” Senior IDF commanders contradict Netanyahu’s claims, say military warned leadership of extent of tunnel threat way before current operation began; urge clearer orders for Gaza op.

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