Gaza - 21 July al-Salam apartment building attacked by Jewish military

Gaza: Let’s talk about war crimes

Hospitals, medics/ambulances, and rescuers. Schools. Mosques. Undefended civilian dwellings. Civilians fleeing on the street. Children playing on the beach and a playground. Those are all protected facilities and buildings, prohibited to attack them according to the Laws of War, Article 25 and 27. Using banned weapons such as white phosphorous, DIME and flechette shells are prohibited by the Laws of War Article 23. Civilians are also not legitimate military targets. Civilians, especially children, and media are not legitimate military targets and are protected by the Geneva Conventions. There are many good people that are documenting the war crimes and crimes against humanity that Israel, the Jewish military state, is committing in Gaza that will be presented to the ICC.

27 July, 2014 PIC
Solidarity activists have launched in London a new international media campaign to expose and document Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

The London- based Academy of Refugee Studies has declared a media campaign under the title “Zionist Terrorism” aiming to expose and document Israeli war crimes and violations of the international laws and conventions.

The campaign includes daily updates on Facebook and social media networks to shed light on Israeli crimes in Gaza and attract the world’s attention to the war on Gaza.

The campaign came as the Israeli aggression on Gaza entered its third week. 1050 Palestinians have been killed while around 6,000 others were injured so far.

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