Gaza: Heavy shelling in South – Khan Younis, Nuseirat in Central Gaza

The invaders are attacking civilian dwellings in the South as well, specifically towers of flats (or apartments for Americans), and there are reports of many wounded and at least 8 casualties. There will be more, considering that the UN shelters are overflowing and civilians were camping out at al-Shifa hospital, which was attacked by the invaders today. Also, the invaders are shelling near the power plant which has caused a loss of power in some areas. Remember, it targeted and attacked a repair crew the other day. It wants Gaza in darkness, with the inability to charge/recharge mobiles and laptops to stop the images of its crimes being reported: more war crimes by the hour.

UPDATE: Casualties reported in Nuseirat, heavy shelling in Deir al-Balah in Central Gaza. This looks like full-spectrum assault by the invaders as their cabinet has realised it cannot win this war and international pressure mounting. It wants to kill as many Palestinians in Gaza as possible before it is forced to stop. Why? Listen here.

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