al-Qassam: Leave our lands

IOF outmatched at Shujaiya, admits panic bombing

It sent its “best” into Gaza, the Golani brigade, but was outmatched by Palestinian resistance fighters at Shujaiya. In a stunning admission in Jewish Israeli press, it is admitted that it resorted to panic-bombing a densely populated civilian area because it couldn’t beat Palestinian resistance and feared too many losses.

In a 27 July article in the Jerusalem Post entitled, “Inside the IDF’s war in Shejaia to save southern Israel,” the frank admission of being bested by resistance fighters is made. It begins with the typical victimhood perspective, but then admits:

Across the border, inside Gaza, the IDF is working to locate and destroy as many tunnels as it can. Its mission is to save this region from Hamas’s subterranean terrorism, and to lift the paralysis of daily life caused by incessant Gazan projectile fire.

Palestinian lady crying in destroyed neighbourhood
Palestinian lady crying in destroyed neighbourhood

To get to the Gazan tunnel shafts, which often begin inside civilian homes a few kilometers within the Strip, infantry soldiers backed by the Armored Corps last week raided Gazan districts such as Shejaia, in the northeast of the Strip. This is the capital of Gaza’s tunnel network.

Devastation in al- Shujaiya
Devastation in al- Shujaiya

Under the partial shade of a tree, in a dusty clearing near the border, a senior army source from the Artillery Corps provided a chilling account on Sunday of the battles that raged there.

On July 20, a Golani infantry force sent to search for tunnels came under a massive attack by Hamas’s Shejaia Battalion. This Hamas battalion is the largest in its guerrilla army, made up of between 800 to 900 highly trained armed men.

Hamas fighters in lines
Hamas fighters, al-Qassam brigades

The Golani Brigade in Shejaia began sustaining heavy losses, the source recalled, after Hamas intelligence units mapped out its location. Hamas sent the information to terrorists in tunnels.

In a coordinated fashion, the terrorists emerged from “the metro under Shejaia,” the source said, referring to the tunnels, and launched a massive wave of anti-tank, mortar, sniper, and automatic gun fire from buildings surrounding the Golani force.

Casualties were mounting on the Israeli side, the source said. “I saw that enemy cells had come to within 40 meters of our forces,” he added.

Gaza - 25 July little children sitting next to their dead parents lying on the ground
Gaza – 25 July little children sitting next to their dead parents lying on the ground who were attacked when they were fleeing.

At this stage, the Artillery Corps mapped out the location of enemy forces, in Gazan civilian residential buildings – areas where the IDF had previously told civilians to evacuate.

The Artillery Corps Support Unit watched the battle with alarm, and took drastic action, the source said. “Otherwise, I knew we would be getting 600 body bags back.”

Scorched earth in Gaza
Scorched earth in Gaza, or “drastic action.”

It instructed all of the Golani soldiers to enter their Namer armored personnel carrier [APC], and launched a wave of shelling, some of which fell on the Namers, which are built to withstand such strikes. Three artillery battalions rained down fire on Shejaia, in a bid to rescue the Golani soldiers. As this occurred, the source said, Hamas continued to blast the soldiers with mortars from all around the neighborhood.

Damaged Israeli vehicle
Damaged Israeli vehicle

“We heard them say over the radio: Fire is coming down on us,” the source said. After twenty minutes of shelling, silence ensued. “There were no more Hamas mortars, no more anti-tank missiles, no more automatic weapon fire,” the source said.

Ten buildings lay in ruins.

Except quite a bit more than 10 buildings lay in ruins. And it neglects to mention the intentional war crimes committed by the Jewish military such as targeting and slaughtering civilians in the streets as they fled,sniping a civilian as he searched for his family amongst the rubble of the many-more-than-ten-buildings, targeting and shelling ambulances, denying entry to the ICRC or ambulances and so on.


Gaza - 20 July ambulance attacked by Jewish military on way to Shujaiya. Mohammed Abed AFP
Gaza – 20 July ambulance attacked by Jewish military on way to Shujaiya. Mohammed Abed AFP

Israel is not winning and it cannot win. Palestinian resistance in Gaza has now shot two several American-donated F16s, destroyed many Merkava tanks and APCs (see photo gallery here) and killed many more Jewish soldiers than is admitted by the military censors. Palestine will never bow down. Resistance will not accept anything less than the end of the siege, as is just and right.

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