Israeli Merkava tank firing

Gaza: Power grid repair workers shelled, narrowly escape death

Israel is losing. Badly. It’s “best” soldiers routed by Palestinian resistance, and despite the soaring civilian casualties and deaths in Gaza, the people support the resistance. Public opinion worldwide is horror and outrage at the Jewish military state’s genocidal project in Gaza. It’s lost over 3.8 billion in the last twenty days, tourism, manufacturing and every aspect of the economy is taking hits. Even Jewish-owned and dominated media are reporting on its propaganda tactics. To stop the flow of images of dead Palestinian babies and children, stop citizens in Gaza from reporting Israel’s ceasefire violations and massacres, to stop international journalists from showing the devastation it has wrought, Israel desperately want the power grid in Gaza to be non-functional. So when repair crews attempted to make much needed repairs, the military targeted and fired upon them with its tanks, almost hitting two vehicles -clearly marked as such- carrying the repair crews, according to Ma’an News Agency.

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