Gaza - 20 July medics retrieve burned corpses from al Shujaiya massacre during humanitarian ceasefire

While the West Bank rises up, bombs still falling in Gaza

In what was a coordinated action in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine, with tens of thousands of Palestinians, in solidarity with their brothers in Gaza, marched from Ramallah to Jerusalem, the occupiers were caught off guard yet again. They had gotten used to believing that Palestinians were unintelligent, backwards, cowed and beaten. After all, the occupiers in combat or riot control gear are not really threatened by boys with stones or activists with flags. They had become to inured to their own hubris and seeming impunity, not really believing that they would ever actually be challenged. Challenges they have been given by the resistance in Gaza and now in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine as well. There are reports of exploding bullets being used from weapons with silencers and laser sites. See more here. In Gaza, they were shocked and horrified to find that the resistance had grown up in many ways, and learned a lot from the fearsome foes who beat Israel twice: Hezbollah. So beyond the horrific massacres at al-Shujiaya and Khan Younis, the Jewish military state is still desperately bombing Gaza. And the resistance is holding their ground against the invaders.

Credible reports of fighting in Beit Hanoun in North Gaza, the same place where the Jewish military state bombed the latest UN school that was sheltering refugees (and had given the IOF precise coordinates and attempted to work out an evacuation corridor but was denied). The latest of 4 UN schools that the IOF have bombed.

And the bombing is still ongoing – more residential dwellings, towers of flats (apartment buildings to Americans) are targeted, with the intention of killing civilians. And kill civilians they do.

The latest victim was Shimaa Husain, who was in the final weeks of her pregnancy. Her home was bombed and once in hospital, doctors could not save her, but her infant was saved. Perhaps they were harbouring some deadly footballs in her flat? Or maybe the IOF thought she swallowed one. Either way it doesn’t matter. She is a Palestinian from Gaza and so she was targeted.

As the gun boats target the Rafah area and the F16s target all of Gaza, many others have been targeted in Gaza this night – in the last few hours:


Beith Lahiya:
Hamoda family home
Kamal Al-Zain family home

Jablia refugee camp:
heavy general shelling


Taha family home

General heavy shelling





Deir al Balah:
Abu Meshaal family home
entire refugee camp
Al-Attar family home
General heavy shelling
Al-Sheikh family home
Maram Saleh Faiad (died)
Fayyad family home

Khan Younis:
Group of civilians (2 separate times)
Shurab family home
Hamza mosque
Al-Manara neighbourhood
Shurrab family home
Salah Bardaweel family home

Group of civilians near Saad Ben Muath mosque
Gun boat shelling
Drone bombing (West side of Rafah)

Bani Shila:
Agricultural land

Gaza City:
Fatooh family home. al-Nasser St.

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