Gaza: Beit Hanoun medics targeted, resistance kills invaders

Amidst heavy artillery in Beit Hanoun, the invaders are now targeting medics attempting to retrieve wounded in Beit Hanoun, the same area in Northern Gaza in which the Jewish military state bombed the fourth UNRWA school in four days. Even the American reporter Charles Engels of MSNBC was targeted in an ambulance. Al-Akhbar English reports that paramedic Hamed Al-Borai was killed in an Israeli strike on an ambulance in Beit Hanoun. International activists are “pinned down” by gunfire at the hospital of Beit Hanoun. Al-Qassam brigades have killed 15 invaders are are preventing the invaders from retrieving their dead, holding their ground.

Earlier the head of Hezbollah, Nasrallah, gave a speech highly supportive of Palestine and Gaza in particular, and in which he pledged assistance on political, financial and military levels.

Over 500 invaders have been severely wounded since the ground invasion of Gaza. The Golani brigades aren’t faring too well. Many tanks have been destroyed by the resistance who are defending the people of Gaza from the onslaught of the Jewish military state that would re-occupy and oppress them.

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