Gaza - 24 July blood on the floor of the UN school bombed in Beit Hanoun

Killing babies shockingly offensive but Israel hates Twitter

Israel is having a problem in this latest genocidal project on Gaza. It’s quite frustrated in fact. There were already some international reporters in Gaza, it made others sign a waiver before committing the massacre of Shujaiya, then denied entry to anyone else. But there are social media, and anyone can snap photos on their mobile, or short videos, and they go around the world in an instant. Graphic evidence of the Jewish military state’s war crimes aren’t going over too well with the good people of the world.

No matter how much hasbara (Israeli propaganda) its trained and paid students put out online, no matter how nicely scripted the speeches at the UN or on American television are or how often its talking points are repeated, they cannot counteract the visceral reaction good people have to seeing homes demolished: a little doll in what is left of a pink bedroom; or dead women and children: some of whom were systematically gunned down in the street by Jewish snipers and the tanks as they fled.

Right now, Israel hates Twitter and Facebook. Before, it could rely on several factors to control the ‘narrative’ and what the Americans and other Westerners were told and shown: the majority of media outlets, television and newspapers in particular, are owned by Jews. They, of course, want to protect the tribe and are typically more loyal to Israel than their own birth nation. So editorial lines are made clear to staff: minimise images of suffering of Palestinians and paint them as ‘terrorists’ or backwards barbarians that want to kill all Jews, and pound home the Israeli narrative that it is the victim and is forced to kill Palestinian babies to protect the Jews in Israel. Any staff deviating from that propaganda and reporting honestly is swiftly curtailed and either reassigned or sacked.

This has occurred twice in the latest war on Gaza thus far, and thanks to social media it was known by millions in a matter of minutes.

But like the blatant Jewish censorship and lack of journalistic ethics was known so quickly, so are the horrendous massacres committed in Gaza by the Jewish military state. The war crimes of not allowing ICRC and medics into these scenes are also known instantly. Medics and ambulances picked off by tanks and snipers are known instantly. Videos and still images of bodies in the streets of civilians that were slaughtered as they fled, the young man who was searching with other rescuers and was murdered by a Jewish sniper are instantly broadcast worldwide. And the neither Jewish military state, nor the Jewish-owned and dominated media can control it.

It no longer has control of the ‘narrative.’ In fact, Twitter and Facebook are now deemed an “enemy” of Israel, said one Jewish author in a Jewish publication the Forward.

That is striking in its admission and implications.

Over the last 16 days, Israel has intentionally targeted and destroyed civil infrastructure: water and sewage treatment facilities, schools, and more: it targeted the power grid. Over 13 power lines were intentionally taken down, cutting Gaza off from power supply from Egypt. And arch ethno-supremacist Talmudist MK Moshe Feiglin called, in the parliament, to cut off all electricity in Gaza, so dialysis patients there would die. Several days later, Israel did just that. And then it purposefully bombed the other power plant that was limping along and only able to provide electricity for 4 hours per day. Now?

Then the Jewish military state targeted the mobile network.

Consider this carefully: power grid and mobile network.

How will the international journalists report? How will they recharge their batteries? How will they or citizens in Gaza ‘tweet’?

That is the entire point. To remove the ability of reporters to report on the atrocities being committed in Gaza. To remove the powerful on-the-ground and current reporting on social networks by those who are there.

Israel wants to silence those voices and regain control of the ‘narrative’ because it doesn’t control social media,and because it is losing the war, both militarily and in ‘hearts and minds’ of the world.

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