24 July Nazareth rally

#48kMarch Palestinians will not be silenced or silent


Here are some live ‘tweets’  in various areas on different aspects of this march. There are reportedly over 70.000 Palestinians involved; occupiers are using live ammunition, with laser sites and silencers. They are terrified; they are losing in all ways despite American-donated military equipment and monies. This will be updated through the night. You can follow the ‘hashtag’ #48kMarch or #Intifada2014 on Twitter.

LIVE FEED: https://twitter.com/palinoia/status/492438984078139392
Some of the ‘tweets’ below are in Arabic, Turkish or other languages. Hover over the right hand side of the ‘tweet’ at the globe icon and click ‘View translation’


which links to the status just below:

(Our young heroes in Jerusalem. Cut out your grandiose crushed Israeli police and seized their shields and herwat, I think ‘helmets’)



(Euphemistic description for sewage)

(Taking by force has to be kept by force. Long live the resistance and freedom for Palestine!)

#48 March


Lasers from snipers:

One protestor shot in the head:

From Qalandia – oblique aerial. Biggest in 13 years:

Networks down

King Faisal gate, Jerusalem Old City:

IOF not allowing medics access to wounded:



The “Israeli” view:

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