More than one way to inflict damage

Israel is facing significant financial losses during its genocidal campaign against Gaza. The manufacturer’s association estimates losses up to 345 million shekels as of 17 July. Ben Gurion airport is shut down with flight bans and restrictions widened, though a second airport in the Negev has been opened. Israel is desperately attempting to play both ends of the spectrum: “We are so threatened, we must kill Palestinian children!” and “It’s perfectly safe and fine here, come back! We have a lot of tourist attractions for you to see. And we need the money.” Anyone can clearly see that only one of those can be true. And those financial losses are significant and will only grow.

Tourism has plunged and losses as of today are estimated at $600 million with a 34% decline in tourists, and with the main airport shut down, the second one being avoided, losses are expected to further skyrocket (yes, pun intended). Trade is down 40% and it has spent over 1.3 billion shekels in training for the ground invasion of Gaza. And that is totally discounting how much the Americans have to hand over to resupply the laughably ineffective “iron dome” used by the Jewish military state. The US Congress has already authorised hundreds of millions of dollars in aid through there are cities that are completely bankrupt and large homeless camps (“tent cities”) all over the country. The executives who were in the Jewish military state to discuss the theft of Gaza’s share of the offshore Leviathan gas field left on 9 July. Israel is experiencing a secondary effect of its foolish act in that many events are cancelled: Cirque de Soleil, Jerusalem Season of Culture and numerous musical performances.

Not accidental or a coincidence.

Counting economic costs of the conflict is not easy, but it seems that Hamas has a plan: “Hamas calculates that by expanding the range of its rockets, it can impose significant economic damage on Israel by forcing its civilians into shelters, ports to shut down for fear of ships being hit by wayward rockets, and airports to close, while at the same time disrupting the mid-year tourism season,” says Firas Abi Ali, Head of Middle East Analysis at IHS Country Risk. “This, in Hamas’s view, compensates for Israel’s disproportionate ability to inflict damage on infrastructure and private properties, as well as its ability to impose a very high number of casualties, both military and civilian.”

He goes on to add that “Hamas is extremely unlikely to have taken the escalatory steps of launching a raid on Ashkelon and firing rockets at central Israel without assurances from its allies”.

Gaza - UN Human Rights Council vote on investigation war crimes in Gaza 23 July
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International isolation is also increasing. a number of countries have recalled their ambassadors and/or expelled the Israeli diplomats. Language of a kind never heard in any UN Security Council meeting was heard yesterday, with the word genocide used repeatedly, as well as repeated statements that the Jewish military state is, in fact, violating international law. Today, the UN Human Rights Council has voted to open an investigation into war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza, at the request of the State of Palestine.

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