Gaza: 627 dead including whole families, over 4.000 wounded

At least 4010 Palestinians, including 1213 children, 698 women and 161 elderly, have been injured.

Of those killed, at least 161 are children and 69 are women, according to the Palestinian Center for Human Rights. The casualties listed below are victims of Israeli military attacks on Gaza. The number of dead is most likely higher due to the fact that many are trapped under rubble of their own houses and have not yet been retrieved and will most likely die before help can reach them. A running list of all those killed is here, updated daily.

Killed Wednesday, July 23

  1. Hasan Abu Hayyin, 70, Shujaeyya, Gaza.
  2. Abdul-Rahman Abu Hayyin, 24
  3. Osama Bahjat Rajab, 34, Beit Lahia.
  4. Mohammad Daoud Hammouda, 33, Beit Lahia.
  5. Hamza Ziyada Abu ‘Anza, 18, Khan Younis.
  6. Saddam Ibrahim Abu Assi, 23, Khan Younis, was seriously injured Tuesday, died Wednesday.
  7. Wisam ‘Ala Najjar, 17, Khan Younis
  8. Mohammad Mansour al-Bashiti, 7, Khan Younis.
  9. Bassam Abdullah Abu T’eimi, 23, Khan Younis.
  10. Mohammad Na’im Abu T’eimi, 25, Khan Younis.
  11. Ismail Abu Tharifa, Khan Younis.
  12. Zeinab Abu Teir, child, Khan Younis.
  13. Mohammad Radi Abu Redya, 22, Khan Younis.
  14. Shama Shahin, Khan Younis (Mohammad’s wife)
  15. Mojahed Marwan Skafi, 20, Shuja’eyya, Gaza.
  16. Adnan Ghazi Habib, 23, central Gaza.
  17. Ibrahim Ahmad Shbeir, 24, Khan Younis
  18. Mustafa Mohammad Mahmoud Fayyad, 24, northern Gaza.
  19. Nidal Hamad al-‘Ejla, 25, Gaza.
  20. Khalil Abu Jame’, Khan Younis.
  21. Husam al-Qarra, Khan Younis
  22. Rabea’ Qassem, 12, Northern Gaza
  23. Hasan Salah Abu Jamous, 29, Khan Younis
  24. Mahmoud Yousef Khaled al-‘Abadla, 22, Khan Younis
  25. Nour Abdul-Rahim al-‘Abadla, 22, Khan Younis
  26. Mohammad Farid al-Astal, Khan Younis.
  27. Mohammad Abdul-Ra’ouf ad-Dadda, 39, Gaza.
  28. Ahmad Mohammad Bolbol, Gaza.

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