Gentiles in the land are enemies

What’s in a name? Why ‘Jewish military state’ instead of “Israel”?

Sometimes people are a bit taken aback by my characterisation of “Israel” as the Jewish military state, or clearly stating that it is the Jewish military that is slaughtering Gentile Palestinians. But don’t be. What is the designation, the self-description of this state? It’s “the” Jewish state, supposedly the homeland of all Jews anywhere and everywhere in the world. Amusingly that is the creeping unspoken concern of people throughout the world that we are all not allowed to think about much less mention: are Jews in various countries loyal to “Israel” or the country in which they live and/or of their birth? Don’t think that! The self-proclaimed Jewish thought-police will scold you and shriek something about a ‘canard’ until you bow your head and acquiesce, promising to be a good boy or girl and avoid thoughts that make Jews nervous. But what about Gentiles, the 99.9% of the world? We don’t really care for or appreciate all that shrieking or thought-policing.

And so, each person much decide at some point whether they will acquiesce to the Jewish lobbies, the thought-and-speech police or tell the truth. And the truth is sometimes distasteful. Ugly. Painful.

Jewish state or no?

Since the self-designation and identity of “Israel” is the Jewish state, meant for Jews, with a Jewish majority (until it can figure out a way to ethnically cleanse the pesky Palestinians who managed to stay there and which comprise 20% of the population), laws based on the Talmud, with state-funded Jewish rabbis, and that fights the Jewish way, it is fair to call the military Jewish. It is fair to say that it is Jews in the Jewish military of the Jewish state that are slaughtering Palestinians.

Tripartite conundrum

Part of the conundrum for the Jewish military state is the intentional triple meaning of Jew or Jewish: religion, race, nation/people. Heretofore it has allowed Jews a slippery escape mechanism: Jews are members of a religion, not a race; Jews are a race, not just a religion so atheist Jews are still Jews; Jews are a nation/people not a race which is why there can be Chinese Jews. It has been a handy paradox. But now it is like the Ouroborous (the snake biting its tail) and has come full circle. If “Israel” is the country of all Jews everywhere, religious or not, of any colour or race, and as David Margolese in the Jerusalem Post said, “There is no Jewish future anywhere outside of the Land of Israel,” then Jews living in other countries are at the same time a part of and responsible for what their country does, since they are all three aspects of Jewish and they believe those aspects are fundamentally intertwined and cannot be separated.

Sure, there are a few here and there who refuse service, but percentage-wise, it is minuscule. Sure, there are ‘peaceniks’ in Israel, but they are small and have little voice – and they are Jews who, whether secular or religious, are all taught the sickening ethno-supremacism of the Talmud and all the disgusting repellent ideology therein. They may consciously disavow it, and verbally do the same, but they still live in Israel: the same place where historic Palestine was. They haven’t emigrated in protest, they are quite happy to be living on stolen land, benefiting from the oppression of Palestinians in the ‘West Bank,’ al-Quds/Jerusalem and Gaza. In their circles, it’s trendy, like ‘Jews for Justice in Palestine’ (more on that below). There is a certain appeal to young people to rebel, to be contrarian and is not limited geographically to Israel or the West, it’s quite common in the West, especially at the university level. But as those youth grow up, and it is the same everywhere, the liberal grows more towards conservative. And conservative in Israel is anti-Palestine.

The trend factor

What threatens world Jewry is what the Jewish military state does – its flagrant and consistent violation of international laws and Security Council resolutions, its belligerence and non-neighbourliness, the settlement colonies, the military occupation and oppression, the attempted unilateral annexation of territory outside its actual borders. The hubris and malevolence it displays not only to Palestine and its other neighbours but also towards its main benefactor and protector, America, is shocking, but it also makes Jews around the world a bit nervous. The people of the world, Gentiles, find this hubris and malevolence repugnant and offensive, and it reflects upon Jews everywhere. A vicious cycle is set up: the more arrogant and malevolent the Jewish military state is, the more world Jewry rushes to support and defend it, and the more disgusted the Gentiles of the world are and look askance at Jews in our midst. The more we look askance at the blatantly immoral and deranged almost pathological support and deference and rationalisations given by Jews in our midst for the repugnant attitude and bad acts of Israel, the more Jews defend and rationalise Israel’s attitude and acts. This makes us Gentiles irritated and Jews nervous.

So, in the interest of self-preservation, many Jews have jumped aboard the ‘Peace train.’ There are myriad Jewish organisations that proclaim their distance from the oppression of Palestinians and claim that it is the ‘famous Jewish morality,’ and ethics of pluralism and justice that they are espousing. Except that’s not exactly true.

Yes, but is it good for the Jews?

Jewish ‘morals’ are for Jews only. Even a cursory examination of the Old Testament will bear this out in shocking clarity. A review of their holiest text, the Talmud would turn the hair of any Gentile white with shock. No, Jewish ‘morality’ the ‘pluralism and equality’ are carefully constructed myths. Those myths serve two purposes: 1) to fool the Gentiles (99.9% of the world) obscuring their nature and intentions, and 2) to give themselves moral cover for the hubris and malevolent acts their “Jewish state” commits and crimes committed by Jews around the world.

“Real” or “Good” Jews protest Israel

We’ve seen the images – seas of ‘black hats’ (Orthodox religious Jews) protesting the war crimes of Israel. Netueri Karta is famous for their ‘anti-zionist’ protests. But do they actually care about Palestinians? No. The Talmud is quite clear – only Jews are actually human, all others it calls ‘goyim’ are nothing but soulless beasts and chattel. Palestinians (especially Palestinians)  and 99% of the world fall into this category. If you do not read what they write to each other, that they believe Gentiles aren’t seeing or reading, you would find this hard to believe. I do read it, and they think it’s amusing that the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles) are so stupid: all they have to do is protest Israel and we look benevolently upon them, while they revile us. (‘Goyiske’ is a Yiddish word referring to the stupidity of Gentiles.) What they say is shocking,truly- we are only here to serve them and they bide their time until “messiah” comes, then we will all be their slaves.

You don’t believe that? Here is what they say:

Regarding Gentiles (99% of the world) being slaves to Jews, post-messiah, Jews in Israel believe this, too. See this video (there are instructions for English subtitles, since it is in Hebrew).

A kippah by any any other name

It is a fascistic society, based almost entirely on and around the military. It is proud of this and being a Jew in the military is a large part of the identity of Jews in Israel. So a militaristic society that is engineered to be Talmudic Jewish, with an equally engineered Jewish majority, with a Jewish government, Jewish military and Jewish ideology is rightly deemed the Jewish military state. It is not a slur, it is an accurate designation based upon its self-identity and objective facts. To use silly terms like “Zionist entity” obscures the real nature of it and not just plays upon its self-created myths, but plays into and reinforces them. Those myths are dangerous and false and deny reality at the same time as they give it power and remove power from Gentiles worldwide and Palestinians in particular.

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