Gaza - crying toddler in front of his Jabaliya house destroyed by Jews

Israel commits full-fledged war crimes in Gaza says NGO

The Jewish military state has been caught using banned DIME weapons, flechette shells, and even poisonous gasses in its genocidal assault on Gaza. It has disregarded both the Laws of War, which prohibit attacking undefended civilian dwellings as well as medical facilities (including medics in ambulances), and the Geneva Conventions by not allowing medics and rescue teams into areas to collect the wounded and dead. It has intentionally attacked civilian infrastructure: power grid, water and sewage treatment, as well as farmland in a ‘scorched earth’ or ‘Dahiya doctrine’ assault. It has intentionally attacked journalists as well. Now there are multiple public calls for investigations into these war crimes, with consequences.

22 July, PIC
Euro-mid Observer for Human Rights cited on the 14th day of Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip an escalation in the Israeli army targeting of Palestinian civilians.

Approximately 50 families were targeted; all or most of their members were killed since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on Gaza. Euro-mid considered that the recent Israeli targeting of Abu Jame’ family using missiles and killing 25 civilians as a result of this assault, 24 of whom are members of the family, represents a complete war crime.

The Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights, based in Geneva, published its preliminary statistics till the fourteenth midnight of the Israeli offensive on the besieged Gaza Strip. According to the Euro-mid, the number of victims on Monday, the 14th day of the Israeli offensive, reached 122 people, including 41 children and 25 women. This brings the total number of casualties since the beginning of the Israeli attacks to 556 people, of which 157 are children and 73 are women.

The number of wounded on the fourteenth day of the assault is 496 wounded, including 177 children and 92 women. Their injuries range from light to serious; bringing up the total number of wounded since the beginning of the attacks to 3,510 wounded including 1,086 children and 627 women.

Euro-Mid documented 2,689 missile strikes fired by Israeli forces on Monday; including 336 airstrikes, 820 naval strikes and 1,533 artillery shells. The total number of Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the Israeli military operation has increased dramatically, reaching 15,041 attacks including 4,349 airstrikes, 4,367 naval projectiles and 6,325 artillery shells.

On Monday 21 July, 355 houses were destroyed, 67 were totally destroyed and 288 were partially destroyed; bringing up the total number of damaged houses since the beginning of the attacks to 6,325 houses; of which 548 were totally destroyed and 2,929 were partially destroyed.

Euro-mid has pointed to the targeting of 3 mosques by Israeli warplanes bringing one of them entirely to the ground; bringing up the total number to 45 mosques, of which 7 were totally destroyed.

Shuhada Al-Aqsa hospital in Deir al-Balah, which is the central hospital in the area, was partially targeted although many doctors and patients were still inside. The targeting caused the death of 5 Palestinians and 15 others were wounded. The Internal Medicine and Surgery departments and ICU were damaged which resulted in risking the lives of the injured who desperately needed surgery. This makes the number of targeted hospitals and medical clinics reach 10 since the beginning of the attacks.

The Israeli forces have also targeted more than 6 water and sanitation stations that cater to more than 600,000 citizens; and 128 schools, where tens of thousands of students go to were damaged.

Euro-mid has also pointed out the displacement of several families who left their homes and turned to other citizens’ houses or to different 44 UNRWA schools in the north of Gaza Strip. Euro-mid estimates the number of refugees to be more than 10,000 people.

Euro-mid has also warned of the rise in targeting of entire Palestinian families, highlighting the bombing of Abu Jame’ family house in Bani Suheila, to the east of Khan Younis, which consisted of 3 floors and had 5 families residing in it (Sunday evening, 20th of July). They were 25 members, 18 of them were children, and only 3 members survived. The house turned into a pile of rubble.

Euro-mid also condemned the targeting of al-Kelani family by Israeli forces in Al-Esra tower in the middle of Gaza City on Monday night 21 July. 11 people were killed, 5 of whom were children in addition to their father, mother and siblings.

Israeli forces had targeted al-Qassas family to the west of Gaza City with a direct rocket without a prior warning a few hours before al-Kelani family targeting. The house was destroyed on the heads of their inhabitants; 9 members of the family were killed and 3 wounded. Another house in Rafah city was targeted by Israeli forces; 9 members of Siyam family were killed including 4 children; the youngest of whom is Dalal (8 months).

Euro-mid declared in its report that these forms of attacks i.e. targeting Palestinian families and the marked increase in the number of civilian casualties during the past few days give a perception that the absence of a strong deterrent will not change the reality, and if the international community does not act urgently, the number of civilian casualties will witness an unprecedented upsurge.

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