Gaza: Heavy shelling, gun battles

Reports are coming in that there are heavy shelling from Israeli gun boats to the shore, war planes hovering at low altitudes, huge explosions in the centre of Gaza City (where fleeing civilians were supposed to go) Rafah and Khan Younis in the South and Deir Balah. Heavy bombing in the North and reports that the mosque in al-Zaytoon has been demolished, in addition to a house belonging to the family of Abu Ras at Zaytoun neighborhood east of Gaza. Also that Shuhada Al-Aqsa Mosque behind Abu Assi Petroleum station, at Wehda St in central Gaza has been targeted. Al Abrar mosque in Dier El-Balah, Al Farouq mosque (very old) was hit in Rafah by Israeli attack. At least 6 mosques were attacked in the last 24 hours in Gaza. Al Shams gymnasium in Southern Gaza city was also struck.

The focus of shelling in the North appear to be Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahiya, Sudaneya and Attatra from both gun boats and tank shelling. This means that either it is preparation for another attempted incursion into Gaza by the invaders, or there are numbers of their wounded that need to be evacuated so it is ‘cover fire.’

There seems to be two patterns of the Jewish military state:

And the ‘insult added to injury’ – remember the 4 little boys who were slaughtered while they played football on the beach? Their family’s home has been trgeted and destroyed.

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