Jewish soldier versus strong Gentile Palestinian man

Has the third intifada finally begun?

The problem that the Jewish military state has in its occupation of Palestine, meaning al-Quds/Jerusalem, Gaza and the ‘West Bank’ is that the more tightly it cinches the noose, the larger the struggle,and the fiercer the backlash against it, and there is no mistaking, there is a serious and vigorous backlash coming against the Jewish oppressors. They have tried many things, many methods – all of the degrading, insulting, humiliating – to control Palestine and Palestinians. And all of those things are doomed to failure because they are invaders, not neighbours, oppressors, not brothers or cousins, they hate and beat down instead of love and extend their hand in friendship, they believe themselves superior instead of equal. The so-called “Palestinian Authority” headed by the coward and traitor Mahmoud Abbas is nothing but an extension of the Jewish occupation and oppression. As Ali Abunimah (of Electronic Intifada) said, “When ‘IDF’ enters Ramallah, Abbas’ forces go and hide. When “IDF” enters Gaza City, they are met and stopped by resistance fire.”The feckless Abbas is merely a subcontractor, and the Americans want to help him and the equally ineffective Fatah party to “take back and run Gaza” because in the ‘West Bank’ there is no organised, armed resistance. The Jewish military state is scared to pieces by Hamas and the resistance fighters defending Gaza – their “best,” the Golani brigade have failed, there is nothing but the same American-donated F16 and F22 fighter jets and their own tanks that still have not broken the spirit of Palestinians in Gaza, despite the death toll, the destruction and horror. And now, in the ‘West Bank’ there are stirrings.

But while there are always protests, weekly demonstrations against the apartheid wall, confiscation of private and public property (both proscribed by the laws against pillage), arrests and mass-arrests with the subsequent ‘administrative detention’ Kafkaesque hell, the checkpoints and permits, strangled economy and the dearth of water and freedom. Those are all manipulated constantly: pressure applied here and relieved there, midnight raids or nothing for weeks, training exercises in the middle of of a town or village without anyone knowing that it is only training. It’s all part of the constant uncertainty principle designed to keep Palestinians there disoriented, heads down, cowed and tranquil. Sure, boys throw stones at “soldiers” in combat gear, who, for all their bluster and bravado seem awfully intimidated by boys with stones. But there is no armed resistance of which to speak.

The violent Jewish settler colonists constantly encroach physically and mentally into Palestine, backed by their brothers, cousins fellow Jews with fire-power and social and legal immunity. They are haughty, pushy and insolent in the extreme.

The Palestinians in the West Bank are protesting in solidarity with those in Gaza and against the outrageous war crimes the Jewish military state is committing there. So the occupation forces, and the “PA security” crack down, which only makes the Palestinians more resolute. Protests are growing. After the capture of a soldier, taken from his tank in Gaza, spontaneous outpourings of elation occurred within “Israel” as well as in Occupied Palestine in the ‘West Bank.’ This scares the Jewish military state immensely.

Here are some scenes from various protests on 19-21 July.

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