Haniyeh: Palestine has decided to end the occupation

Ismail Haniyeh, a founder member of Hamas, has just given a speech in which he outlined Hamas’s requirements:

  1. A halt to the aggression
  2.  An end to the blockade
  3. The freeing of prisoners after events in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza is a graveyard for its invaders. Gaza will not break. Gaza is the bridge to Jerusalem. The demands of the Resistance are the demands of our people. These are the demands that will give us freedom. The Palestinian resistance will defeat this continuous Israeli violence on our people. This is a new page that the Palestinian Resistance is writing with its strong confrontation against the occupation.
The Palestinian Resistance has the upper hand in here so long as it continues to surprise and shock the enemy.

Our great resistance is ready and willing to bring happiness to its people.

If these (Israeli) war criminals are not held accountable for their crimes then that is another crime against our people. The massacres committed against innocent Palestinians makes us want our freedom more, and we will stand by our demands.

The silence of Arab regimes has given Israel the green light to continue commuting crimes and massacres against our people.

We ask the world to stand by us and our demands for freedom.
The world needs to understand that we have to end this blockade. There is no going back.

The message to take from our steadfastness is that the Palestinian people have decided to end the occupation in all of Palestine’s land – this decision will be in the hands of the people.

We ask the people of the world to stand behind the demands of the Palestinian people.

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