Gaza - 20 July thick smoke from al-Shejaya Gaza City

Gaza: Still bombarding al-Shujaiya

The excuse of the Jewish military state for attacking undefended civilian dwellings is that there are “Hamas tunnels” or “rocket launchers” or “weapons depots” inside them, but never has any evidence been proffered of such to support this claim. And as such, all it is and can ever possibly be is that: a claim, an assertion. In the absence of any evidence – and as the Jewish military state has technologically capable satellites, surely it could provide some satellite evidence of ‘tunnels’ or ‘weapons’ or ‘rocket launchers’ on the roofs. But it doesn’t. Because it hasn’t any evidence, any more than it has evidence that ‘terrorists’ are ‘riding with women and children’ in ambulances, which was its excuse to intentionally attack a protected vehicle on a protected mission by protected persons. None of these excuses will be accepted by the ICC or the ICJ.

And so the friendly neighbourhood Jewish military state is continuing the massacre of the refugee camp, al-Shuhaiya, in Southeast Gaza City. It blasted its way through the humanitarian ceasefire, that was to allow the ICRC and Palestinian Red Crescent Society time to collect the wounded to hospital and dead to avoid disease. And it continues on, shelling indiscriminately, a civilian population centre. Tens of thousands of civilians have evacuated al-Shujaiaya, and for their compliance, were summarily gunned down by Jewish military Apache helicopters and artillery, littering the streets with the bodies of women and children and entire families – all civilians- as they fled, supposedly to safety. Another in a string of war crimes committed against Gaza by the Jewish military state.

And yet it continues – it continues to bombard the remains of a refugee camp. Those refugees are of the Jewish military state’s own making – Palestinians it forced from their own ancient lands in 1948 and 1967. Perhaps it reasons that if it kills all the refugees it made, that will lessen the “demographic threat” it its existence? Either way, it is lashing out in its fury at its failure: its failure to convince the Palestinian people in the ‘West Bank’ to submit to Jewish domination and oppression -or leave- and failure to subjugate the Palestinian people in Gaza and force them to accept the feckless Abbas and his subcontracting to the Jewish oppressors and occupiers and have the audacity, the insolence! – to elect a party that resists that same Jewish domination and oppression.

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