Gaza - 21 July al-Salam apartment building attacked by Jewish military

Gaza: Apartment buildings attacked

According to the Laws of War, Article 25, undefended civilian dwellings are not a legitimate military target. Yet the Jewish military state has intentionally targeted too many civilian dwellings – separate houses and apartment towers to count and for which one person cannot accurately track. There are Gazans that report the names of the families whose homes have been attacked, and that is very helpful and at the same time heartbreaking. These people are not numbers! They are entire families with histories, children, elderly, photos of loved ones, treasures collected over the generations and stories. They are real people like you and me and they are gone in an instant, if they are obliterated by American-donated F16 and F22 fighter jets or artillery fired from tanks. These people are civilians. The people are Palestinians and they count, they are important, and they have a right to live without Jewish oppression or domination, without being shot, bombed, blockaded or strangled economically.

18:56 21 July, 2014 the Jewish military state attacked Burj al-Asraa, an apartment tower with 40 apartments in central Gaza, killing seven people so far, five of which are children and dozens of injuries.

19:54 21 July, 2014 the Jewish military state attacked al-Salam’ apartment building by American-donated F16 fighter jets. Fifteen dead are reported thus far, 5 of which are children, over 30 injured. A new massacre in #Gaza: at least 15 dead, most of them children, in an attack on a residential building at iftar [evening meal to break the Ramadan fast]

There are many, many homes targeted and demolished if not instantly, then by repeated bombings.

There is no slacking, no lull, no respite. Rescuers attempting to find survivors amongst the rubble face imminent danger themselves:

UNRWA reports over 100.000 Gazans are now in shelters. Local media reported that one shelter had been attacked.

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