When Jews lie and have to apologise they punish others later

This is typical Jewish military state propaganda, as I mentioned it earlier: the excuse it gave for intentionally targeting ambulances (a war crime) is that “‘terrorists were riding in them with women and children.” The ICC will never accept that as a defence. Now the military state has had to retract that claim, publicly:

Someone is going to be punished over this, and you can be certain it will be Palestinians both in Gaza and the ‘West Bank.’

The Jewish military state was embarrassed earlier this year over a truly stunningly offensive remark about the remembrance day for Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims (only Jewish suffering counts, everyone else should ‘shut up’) and had to apologise. Mysteriously, some days later every copy of the Anne Frank “diary” in every library in Japan had some pages torn out – on the same day, something physically impossible for one person to do. Then Japan had to apologise to the Jewish military state. That is how it operates, that is how deceitful, duplicitous, vindictive and vengeful the mindset is in that rotten Talmudic society (and world Jewry, though the religious tend to hide it from Gentiles a bit better).

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