Gaza - blood in morgue of Shifa hospital 17 members of al Batsh family prepared for burial. Jeremy Brown BBC

Gaza: al-Shujaiya is still burning, still dying, Red Cross denied entry

At the scene of a horrific massacre, where the invading Jewish military informed the ICRC that it was a “closed military zone” and denied them entry, after a ‘humanitarian ceasefire’ so that the dead could be collected and as many survivors found and evacuated as possible, the military state is again barring the Red Cross entry. The war crimes being committed are astounding, and yet no sanctions, no Chapter 7 resolutions in the UN Security Council (thanks to the Americans) and the Jewish military state carries on with impunity. It is intentionally killing women and children and elderly, intentionally targeting medics and ambulances (see below). This is genocidal mania by the Talmudic state.

Ambulances targeted:

This adds to the catastrophic crisis within the healthcare system in Gaza. During the massacre, there were not even enough ambulances or personnel to assist the wounded. The Ministry of Health has stated (18 July, 2014)

4 hospitals and 6 PHC clinics, (4 MoH, 2 UNRWA) were damaged, 13 health facilities were closed, 4 ambulances were damaged, 20
health personnel injured and 1 pharmacist died after Israeli air strikes hit sites in their immediate vicinity/nearby land

Supplies are running out – IV saline solution, gauze and basic necessities. It has already been declared a state of Emergency by UNRWA and the Ministry of Health.

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