Gaza - resistance factions address

Heard yet? Palestinian resistance proposes ceasefire agreement

Have you not heard on your local media? It’s not even asking for full sovereignty any more, which is a bit disappointing. Abbas is on his way to Doha to meet with Khaled Meshaal to discuss it. Since Egypt is in no position to play the ‘honest broker’ (or about as ‘honest’ a broker as the Americans), other parties had to be utilised, namely Qatar and Turkey. Whilst Qatar does donate funds to Gaza, it is also arming the “rebels” in Syria; Turkey routinely blasts the Jewish military state publicly, but works with them privately. Hence the watered-down proposal. It will most likely be rejected by the Jewish military state and its protector, the United States as “too extreme,” true to the Talmudic negotiation strategy.

19 July, 2014 PIC
Palestinian resistance factions have proposed a ceasefire initiative presented with Qatari and Turkish support.

The ceasefire initiative includes an end to all armed hostilities, an end to Gaza siege, and the release of all Palestinian detainees who were recently arrested in the West Bank. The initiative states that the ceasefire must be reached under US supervision.

The initiative was delivered by Qatar to US Secretary of State John Kerry who in turn conveyed it to Israel.

The ceasefire initiative includes:
1. Mutual and immediate cessation of fire.
2. Mutual cessation of military and security operations.
3. Total lifting of the siege of Gaza and opening the border crossings for goods and people and allowing in food, industrial, fuel and construction supplies, expanding the maritime fishing zone to 12 miles, in addition to removing the buffer zone and implementing reconstruction projects.
4. Full commitment to the prisoners’ swap deal reached on 1/10/2011 under Egyptian mediation, and the release of all the Palestinians detained since 12 June 2014 mainly Palestinian Legislative Council Speaker Dr. Aziz Dweik, in addition to the reopening of public institutions and improving the conditions of Palestinian prisoners.

The ceasefire implementation mechanism:
1. Determination of a zero hour for implementation of all requirements of the ceasefire.
2. Full commitment to the ceasefire under US supervision.
3. Mutual cessation within 6 hours of its announcement.

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