Hamas fighters in lines

Gaza: Updates on infiltration of resistance into Occupied Palestine

Gaza - 19 July - Jewish military vehicle destroyed by al-Qassam
Gaza – 19 July – Jewish military vehicle destroyed by al-Qassam

Sorry for conveying so many “tweets” but it is incredibly helpful method to monitor events and convey them quickly. There have been reports that Palestinian resistance infiltrated  (wearing IOF uniforms) the Jewish military state, which will always play down any successes of the resistance and failure of their own. It is even hiding the actual death toll of its invasion forces with a military gag-order and funerals at night so the public won’t know! and here are the updated news “tweets” from al-Qassam:

Please note the major difference between al-Qassam and Islamic Jihad and the Jewish military state: the former engages only with soldiers, aims to kill only soldiers, and does not consider all civilians as ‘fair game’ (though the rockets of the resistance aren’t laser-guided like those donated to the Jewish military state by the Americans, so are not precise and accurate). The latter slaughters women, children, elderly and men who are not involved in the resistance nor are members of Hamas; it considers anyone who doesn’t leave their home to be ‘an enemy combatant’ and therefore believes (in the typical deranged fashion) that legally they -the women, children, elderly and male non-combatants- are ‘fair game.’

One more note: The hasbara (propaganda) of the Jewish military state is that Hamas ‘hides and fires weapons around civilians’ therefore using them as a ‘human shield.’ Think about the fact that the IOF headquarters is in the middle of the capital, Tel Aviv, surrounded by civilians…

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