Gaza - Dr. Nasser al Tatar Dir-gen Shifa Hospital Gaza City. Peter Beaumont

Gaza ministry of health warns of ‘real disaster’

As has been noted over and over, the civil infrastructure has been largely destroyed, intentionally, by the Jewish military state’s genocidal mania: water, power grid, sewage treatment are in shambles. This is by design because airstrikes and even ground invasion are not working: Palestinian people in Gaza remain unbroken and will not submit to Jewish occupation or oppression.

19 July, 2014 Ma’an English

The Ministry of Health of Gaza warned on Saturday of a “real disaster” due to power shortages, lack of power needed to operate machinery and a lack of necessary medical supplies and medicine.

The ministry’s general director of medical stores said during a news conference on Saturday that hospitals lack medicines needed for emergencies and operations.

Ashraf Abu Mahadi added that “there will be a major crisis if medications are not available, especially anesthetics and intensive care. Basic medical supplies are all out and what we have in our warehouses will not be enough for days.”

Abu Mahadi said that “what has been used during the Israeli offensive is multiple times more than what we have received in the last couple of days.”

The general director of the ministry’s maintenance department warned of the repeated power shortages and lack of necessary power to operate machines. he said that hospitals have been using generators for the last couple of days because of the power shortages.

“Al-Shifaa Hospital uses one generator to operate. The al-Nasser medical center still works on generators, and power shortages damage the generators because they cannot keep operating round the clock,” Islam al-Hamadin added.

The European Hospital has been facing a blackout for 48 hours, he added.

MORE: Occupation destroys 25 health institutions in Gaza

19 July, 2014 Ma’an Arabic
The Health Ministry said that 25 health institutions have been completely or partially destroyed and the last of which was a repeat targeting Beit Hanoun hospital, noting that 28.0% of essential medicines zero balance and that 15% is nearing zero.

The number of martyrs of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on the second day ten to 345 martyrs and 2556 injured, the number of wounded.

The Health Ministry said in a press conference held this evening from Shifa Hospital said the number of children of martyrs reached 83 martyrs and wounded nearly 755 children confirmed that the children in the sector all need of treatment from the aggression.

The Ministry of Health showed that nearly 2,000 families deprived of shelter and the number of individuals close to 50,000 people due to the continued Israeli aggression on the homes of innocent people and targeting directly, was left deprived of all basic needs and services such as food and in difficult conditions harsh.

The Health Ministry said nearly 200,000 residents deprive of the water supply, and 600,000 others are threatened with deprivation of them.

She said that 52% of consumers zero balance and that 10% is nearing zero.

Health and warned of continued power outages for long periods, which threatens the ability of generators to continue their work and consume large amounts of fuel.

The Ministry of Health showed that there are approximately 60,000 people have been denied the services of care for pregnant women, of whom 20,000 pregnant “new pregnancy” and the percentage of pregnancy danger of them nearly 28.0%.

As the campus hospital for those with chronic diseases and the roughly 10,000 patients receiving their service in primary care centers indicating it was forced to cancel all non-emergency operations and a number of almost 7,000 since the declaration of emergency surgery, where these patients continued to suffer because of it.

And called on the Ministry of Health to open the crossings to all patients and to support the health sector with all its accessories.

It also asked the Ministry of Health to ensure the movement of ambulances and secure the evacuation of the wounded and provide safe corridors to service centers and the protection of medical staff and health institutions as well.

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