Gaza - journalist vehicle after airstrike

Gaza: Media hit by 4 missiles as invaders try to silence Palestinians

As the days of airstrikes didn’t work to subdue the Palestinians in Gaza, the ground invasion was launched. That isn’t going too well either, and soldiers from the Jewish military state are being engaged and repelled by Palestinian resistance. They don’t fight so well outside of their American-donated F16s or tanks. But they aren’t used to fighting with anyone with weapons, training and courage, only unarmed civilians with courage in the ‘West Bank’ of Palestine. Too many Palestinians in Gaza are showing the world the result of the genocidal campaign by the Jewish military state – no rocket launchers in any of the homes destroyed, just destroyed homes and lives: many, too many women, children, elderly and civilian men. Palestinian journalists in Gaza are busy and that threatens the Jewish military state almost as much as the resistance. It already cut power to Gaza, in addition to intentionally targeting over 13 power lines leaving 90% deficit in electricity for almost 2 million people. But still hasn’t stopped the Gazans! So the thinking of the Jewish military state seems to be, “If we can’t subdue them, we have to silence them!” The second media building was targeted today, in Rafah, with 4 missiles.

Here is some relevant additional information from a journalist:

What is the basis for that? Follow the link – he is absolutely correct.

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